• Published 28th Mar 2018
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Creature Feature - LittleBitaMagic

The School Of Friendship a place to mold the minds of the future, in this case a group of friends who have a talent for causing trouble.

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The Honest Standard.

Professor Applejack swiftly drew the outline of a large apple tree upon her chalkboard, a smile creeping over her face as she outlined a few scribbles of writing underneath it. Each student in class quickly jolting down the information, last thing each of them wanted would to be caught off guard by a pop quiz.

“And that is the simple outline for The Tree Of Truth! As long as we each stay honest and true to ourselves, then I believe the world’s karma meter will stay in balance and promote harmony.” Applejack gave a sweet smile before cantering to her desk.

“Now before class ends, does anyone have questions?” The apple mare gave a sly wink to each student, feeling she had this quite under control.

“Oooo! Ooooo!” Silverstream held up her claw in excitement from the back, her dark violet colored hues burning as bright as the sun.

“Silver…” AJ tried to call upon her, only to hear a loud girlish squeal.

“Is it true that if you tell a lie, you’ll die!?” The magenta grey hippogryph asked in such a serious tone, holding her breath in anticipation.

“I think that was just um, Gallus messing with you.” Ocellus gave a soft whisper aloud, hiding her face away by lowering into her seat shyly.

“I don’t care! I want the truth from the horse's mouth!” Silver gave a loud excited shout, a green flash from Ocellus causing her to look back over to the changeling.

“I do does thunk, Gallus was just messin’ with yaaal!” Applejack in Ocellus seat gave a very southern drawl reply, tilting her hat back swiftly and proudly.

“I don’t go soundin’ like that y'all! I mean you all!” AJ gave a loud snort in place, flashing a glare to the changeling who quickly switched back as giggling filled the air.

“Heehee! She’s good!” Silver pointed to Ocellus happily, the small pastel changeling blushing brightly.

“No Silver I do not die.” AJ just sighed and gave an eye roll.

“Interesting! Also this is a two part question!” Silver screamed excitedly as her claws waved frantically in the air.

“Grrr. Yes?”

“Is it true? That staircases can also….SPIRAL!?” The slender hippogryph excitedly flew out of her seat, hovering in air as eyes became as large as two full moons.

“Um yes?” AJ squinted her eyes, not sure how to reply to such a question.

“So the myth was true! Like Oh My Gawww!” Silver splashed down into her seat roughly, quickly sketching into her book a etching of herself next to a spiralling staircase smiling.

A spring bud colored hoof lifted from the back, a lax looking colt hiding away in the back of the room wishing for attention now. His multicolored greenish mane hiding away lovely pale colored eyes, his hoof lifted with some confidence yet it felt as if it were fleeting quickly.

“Yes Sandbar?” AJ asked in a sweet tone of voice.

“Well you say, be true to you. But what if being true, means a rough road ahead?” Sandbar spoke up as AJ gave him an odd gaze slightly confused.

“What kind of rough road?”

“You know like fam…” The loud bell suddenly rang in a high pitch, causing the colt to nearly jump out of his seat.

Soon everyone in the class began to rush out of the small packed room, Silver giggling happily about finding a mythic staircase after classes. Ocellus delicately collecting her items in a saddlebag, cantering over to Sandbar’s side.

“You coming Sandy?” Ocellus asked with a small blush.

“You can stay and chat if you like?” AJ spoke up as Sandbar just let out a sigh, quickly smiling afterwards.

“It’s nothing after all teach! Just forget I said anything!” Sandbar gave a nervous chuckle, quickly rushing out the door with his changeling friend.

AJ batted long lashes softly, feeling a ping of something bad on the horizon within her chest. Praying that all would be ok and that the princesses would protect her students, for now and always.

The halls were packed with many students of various kinds, most were new here as the weeks began to pass the count just kept rising. Soon the large castle like school might not be enough to hold everyone, but hopefully that was still some time off.

“So what was that question all about?” Ocellus spoke up in interest, walking at Sandbar’s side sweetly her frame so much smaller than his.

“Hmm. You wouldn’t understand.” He gave a loud groan aloud.

“Try me?”

“Do you ever feel like you can’t be yourself, wishing that you could just become someone else? That maybe then you’d be noticed by someone…” Sandbar spoke up his words a bit broken, his spirit flying low.

“You are totally right, I have no idea how that feels.” Ocellus gave the colt a blank stare and a small huff.

“Hehehe. Oops sorry.” He broke out into a loud chuckle, the changeling about to speak up when a greyish blur flew over to them wildly.

“Look! Head Mare Twilight is talking to our friends, ALSO THEY’RE COVERED IN PUKE!” Silver gave a loud squee as her dainty claw pointed to the main office door slightly ajar, Spike walking over and shutting it quickly.

“I wonder what’s happening?” Sandbar spoke with a sense of worry, glancing to Silver who nodded along in agreement.

“Like I know! If only we had a friend with a wacky power, like being able to transform into things!” Silver turned and squished her face against Ocellus cutely, the small changeling sighing aloud.

Head Mare Twilight gave a stern glare to each child before her, mane slicked up into the air by sticky waste of a greenish hue. Those violet colored eyes burning deeply into each child, Yona shivering wildly in place out of pure fear while a loud knock could be heard.

“Enter.” Twilight spoke in a icy tone, her hooves clicking together

The large wooden door swinging open as AJ walked into the office, her dark green eyes watching the events of the room unfold with interest. Twilight giving her friend a slight brow raise, flaunting a slender hoof her way.

“Well Applejack?”

“Oh! I need to talk to you about a study plan, but I can wait till you are done…..howdy.” AJ gave a nervous smile weakly, Twilight simply rolling her eyes.

“Who of you three,came up with this plan? I need to know who to punish.” Twilight gave a frown to each creature, Smolder quickly elbowing Gallus in his side.

“Ow! I have no idea, I just know Yona stacked her plates waaay too high.” Gallus gave a quick and hasty reply.

“Is yak in trouble? Yak can’t bring shame to yak clan, yak would be exiled to the many winds!” Yona yelled aloud in fear, her tiny hooves slamming down onto Twilight’s desk.

Twilight sighed as her desk simply cracked down the middle, a small shift later it split into two separate halves with a dull thud. Spike in the corner of the room snickering, Twilight glaring to the small dragon in disapproval.

“Spike go clean up the cafeteria.”

“Hahaha...wait what!?” Spike gave a sudden gasp in horror, Twilight just flashing a small smirk.

“Grrr. I saved an empire twice and still have…” The young dragon mumbled aloud, dragging his claws across the floor as he exited.

“Now do none of you wish to admit, that they might have pushed Yona to this event?” Twilight swiftly tossed her mane back, eyes locking onto the young griffon before her.

Smolder simply let her gaze fall to the floor in silence, a look of shame across her face as Yona let her lower lip quiver in place. Gallus softly whistling aloud, his eyes darting out a nearby window.

“AJ! Tell them how important the truth is.” Twilight gave a sly wink to the apple mare standing to her right.

“Students! The truth is our most important quality, it shows how much we can be trusted and in return how much trust is given! If our word is worth nothing, then how do we expect another to open their hearts to us?” AJ spoke up proud and with a stern gaze to Gallus who gave a loud groan.

“Well said Applejack.” Twilight smiled as AJ simply blushed.

“Ok fine it was me! I might have caused her to blow chunks everywhere!” Gallus crossed his arms slowly, glaring down to the floor in growing anger.

“Thank you Gallus. That was very mature of you, do you have anything to say to Yona?” Twilight spoke in a sweeter voice, the young griffon moaning aloud.

“Gah! I’m sorry or whatever!” He shook his head in shame, feeling like a total wimp right now.

“Yak accept your forced apology!” Yona smiled sweetly.

“Smolder please walk Yona back to her dorm. Gallus head to the cafeteria with Spike, I want to see the whole place spotless.” The Head Mare spoke with a stern but fair tone, the griffon just rolling his eyes.

The door to the office swinging open widely, Applejack walking inside with a slight canter in her step. Coming face to face with her twin, as a look of shock took over her small frame.

“Uhhh. Howdy?” Ocellus gave a light worried giggle, her ears folding back as the green light engulfed her and returned her back to normal.

“Ocellus go clean up the cafeteria too.” Twilight shook her head in defeat, a sense of dread slowly creeping across her hooves.

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” Ocellus spoke with a slight chipper tone, Gallus walking over and wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

“Yeah. Just keep saying that, might make it true.” Gallus gave the petite changeling an eye roll, the tiny creature gazing down in worry.

“Welp! Better be off.” Smolder gave a light giggle, opening the office door as Silver and Sandbar fell into the room with a loud thud.

“Grrrr!” Twilight could feel her left eye twitching.

“We should all just clean up the cafeteria, shouldn’t we?” Smolder winced in place, Twilight just nodding in silence as anger boiled deep within her.

“Cheese it!” Sandbar spoke in a haste filled voice, the whole group rushing out of the room in a flash.

“Where did I go wrong Applejack?” Twilight whimpered aloud in her seat, AJ sniffing the air softly before scrunching up her muzzle.

“What smells like old corn?”