• Published 28th Mar 2018
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Creature Feature - LittleBitaMagic

The School Of Friendship a place to mold the minds of the future, in this case a group of friends who have a talent for causing trouble.

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Double Dragon Dare.

The School Of Friendship was in full hustle and bustle on this quiet sunny day, the clouds were floating by lazily and birds were out singing a brand new tune. The school itself was alive with the promise of youth, along with the back talking and rudeness of it as well. Being close to midday most students were heading off to the cafeteria for lunch, some already getting a head start in that category.

The cafeteria was large and open for the students, rows of long wooden tables lined up across the room for easy access. The top tables set aside for the staff who chatted away, enjoying the various foods created by the Lunch Mare. Many inspirational posters lining the walls with uplifting messages, four large glass windows allowing the beauty of the day to shine within.

This day was indeed underway, the chatter of the children wafting across the air proudly. Some proclaiming how cool they were, while others had soft whispers that barely echoed at all. But one voice in particular was not only very loud, but also full of life and the willingness of a yak.

To prove they could do all.

“Yak like pony school! Ponies fill large warehouse full of nourishment, all this free for yak!” Yona bounced excitedly in place before a large row of foods, the petite lunch mare shivering in place within the kitchen caught off guard by the yak’s size.

“Just..jus..one...per..cre...cre.” The lunch mare chattered through clenched teeth in horror.

“Yak can have one of each?! Yak very hungry, so yak claim all goodies!” Yona smiled happily, her bright green eyes shining like gems as she swiftly tossed plate after plate of food onto her backside to carry.


“Can yak have extra juice?!” Yona yelled happily as the mare began to cry.

“Yes! Just take it all!” She burst into a trail of tears, curling into a tiny ball on the floor.

“Ok! Yak will take it all!” Yona lifted a huge crate of three dozen juices onto her backside as well, bouncing off towards the tables with a skip in her step and a bounce in her braids.

“So my boyfriend I’m writing said he stood up to a mad tyrant with a magic staff, he looked the weirdo in the eye and said ”Try that staff out on me, I’ll stand still I promise.” like a total badass.” Smolder chatted away to her pale blue griffon friend at the nearby table, flaunting a claw femininely as she spoke.

“Sounds like he sealed his fate to me…” Gallus yawned through his beak, eyes full of a dull sense of boredom.

“That’s the awesome part! He slung the tyrant into a pool of boiling hot lava!” The young dragoness gave a squeal of excitement, eyes full of wonder thinking about creatures dying in lava.

“Yak no fear lava! Yak just crystallize him, then shatter lava to the many winds!” Yona tossed a mountain of food onto the table with a mighty thud, Gallus snapping back into a excited look at the mere sight.

“Phst! Lava doesn’t turn to crystal duh!” Smolder gave a soft eye roll of her blue eyes, orange claw picking up a fist of gems as she popped one into her mouth lazily.

“Yak lava did! Yak lava thought he was king over yaks, so yaks silenced him…”

“Yeah! Very interesting and whatever, are you really going to eat that?” Gallus gave a wide smirk, eyes climbing the tower of food in awe.

“Holy dragon born! Aren’t you worried about your figure?” Smolder gave a snort, catching herself mid sentence.

“Yes! Yak eat it all, one by one until it’s vanquished!” Yona nodded to the griffon with a smile.

“Yak figures four dozen meals dragon!” She finished off as Smolder just gave a deep sigh in defeat.

A sly grin broke out across the griffons face, his claw tapping excitedly across the wooden frame. His eyes locking onto the yak’s, full of mischief and wonderment at this sudden turn of events before him.

“How about for fun, you eat just one meal?” Gallus spoke in a gleeful tone, eyes burning with a sense of madness.

“Not one meal bird friend, many meals.” Yona gave a small giggle, patting her tower of nourishment proudly with a tiny hoof.

“He is asking you to do something dumb, just ignore him Yona.” Smolder stepped in with a genuine sense of worry, not just for the yak but perhaps herself as well.

“No! I’m just Double Dragon Daring You, to mush up everything into one and eat it!” Gallus almost screamed out in a proud manner, his claw pointing to the yak wickedly.

“Oh dear Ember!” Smolder slapped her forehead with her claw in defeat.

“THE DARE OF DRAGON DOUBLES! What is a dare of dragon doubles?” Yona gave a loud gasp, only to tilt her head in confusion cutely.

“It’s a dumb strike at your honor Yona, just walk away and…” Smolder tried to speak only for the yak to blow steam out of her nostrils, proudly slamming her hooves into the tower of food.

“Yak proud! Yak defend her honor!” Yona gave a loud huff, smushing every item on her plate into one single item.

“Yes, So awesome!” Gallus began to laugh aloud, his eyes watching the yak work before him.

Hayburgers were squashed into cupcakes, oats floated in slimey pools of red juice. Wet oozing sandwiches were compressed into ice cream, oatmeal tainted with ketchup, mixed weakly into mustard stained waffles. Each item slowly forming into a lump of greenish goo, a odd scent of sour and spice wafting into the air.

“Hahaha...ha! It’s way more gross to look at, than I thought it would be.” Gallus swallowed a large lump in his throat, fighting back the urge to vomit.

“Ewww! Yona don’t!” Smolder locked eyes with the yak, pleading her to change her mind.

“Don’t cry for yak, yak already gone.” Yona winced and dug her muzzle into the goo, eyes growing wide in fear and horror at the wicked taste of this monster.

“I’m going to be sick.” Smolder placed a dainty claw over her mouth in disgust, watching the scene unfold in slow motion before her.

“Arrrgh! Taste like yaks!” Yona gargled in place, green slime oozing out of the side of her mouth.

“Hahaha…”Cough.” haha..”Gag” “Oomph”..ha.” Gallus wanted to laugh, yet his pale blue color quickly faded to a sickly green.

“Yak must not!...blargableh!” Yona felt her eyes widen to the size of moons, her gaze frozen in shock as her mouth hung open, mushy green ooze dribbling out of her mouth.

“Darling are you ok? You children look ill over here?” Rarity hearing the roar of gagging and laughter cantered over, gazing down to the yak in worry.

“Yak need to yaaaak!” A large green flood of puke exploded out into the air, splashing the warm sour chunks all over Rarity’s clean white coat.

“Awesom-blehhh!” Gallus turned towards Smolder who screamed, a flood of wet sticky vomit spraying onto the dragoness.

“No! I don’t want to bluuuurg!” The dragoness held her claw over her mouth, trying to hold back a explosion of puke oozing out of the sides of her fangs.

The sound of vomit filled the air, as soon the staff joined in on the madness. Unable to fight off the horrid stench of the ooze, a flood of multicolored puke pouring out across the floor. The front door to the cafeteria suddenly swinging open as Head Mare Twilight cantered inside, a smile across her muzzle oblivious to the horror awaiting her.

“How are my students today!?” She gave a proud chirp aloud, eyes closed as her hooves slid into a warm puddle of waste.

A loud crash could be heard as she fell to the floor with a bang, landing face first into a fresh batch of green vomit.

“I think we might be in troub-blehhh!” Gallus felt his stomach toss again, turning to his side and letting himself go once more.

Indeed it was a bright new day.

Author's Note:

Fun Fact!

This is based off a true event that happened in my HS, when I was younger.

I miss the good old days.