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Strange quark 42

shamelessly raunchy shipper who also enjoys a bit of wholesome romance, i love weird shipping and also gallbar is my otp

about me

HELLO i am Strange Quark 42... i am a rather new author in the sense that i am currently writing my first story... odds are if you are visiting my profile you are: A. here to complain about me or ridicule me for some as of yet unknown reason, B. here to be friends, C. a friendly mare or stallion looking for a stallion to love, D. somepony sharing ideas with me, E willing to discuss things like favorite character, favorite shipping or stuff like that. now a little bit about me
age: 20
birthday: may 25
gender: stallion
sexual orientation: bisexual
alignment: chaotic good
relationship status: single
planet of birth: earth
dimension of birth: this shitty one

LIKES: sci fi(i am part of so many sci fi fandoms i just generalize to sci fi in general),fantasy(lord of the rings and stuff like that), mlp(WELL DUH!:pinkiesmile:) VIDEO GAMES! romantic fanfictions(especially erotic ones) funny videos(i have a weird sense of humor though) horror films(mostly paranormal ones like Annabelle or the conjuring), really stupid B movies(not bee movie) also known as "movies so bad they are good"{my favorite B movie is attack of the killer tomatoes XD}, science(specifically anything pertaining to space or physics), music(i REALLY LOVE daft punk), doing impressions of movie characters.

HATES: flat earthers(eliminate at all cost), moon hoaxers(again destroy at all costs), politicians who accept bribes and or dont have the people's interests at heart(all the politicians{im looking at you trump, putin, kim jong un, and ajit pai}), people who feel compelled to shit on everyone for various trivial reasons that shouldn't matter, racism, feminists(WHY CANT THERE JUST BE BALANCE? WHY NOT JUST MAKE LAWS TREAT BOTH GENDERS AS THE EXACT SAME?), POLITICS! oh and people who claim there are more than 2 genders(get your head out of your ass! if you have an x chromosome you are female if you have a Y chromosome you are male)

life goal: find a nice girlfriend or boyfriend(actually preferably both) get a job, get married:heart: get most of my life sorted and straightened out(its a trainwreck right now at the level of a derailment at light speed{its not pretty}) settle down, live a (hopefully) happy life

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Thank you, updates will be every Friday.

it is an interesting story so far. i can't wait to see how it evolves

Thank you for adding We Are Each Other to your folder, you're awesome! :twilightsmile: What did you like about it?

Thanks for fave!

you're welcome... last time my sister had her friends over we played cards against humanity my brother won, and I got an impressive score of being tied with my sister in law in second place... turns out I have a really twisted mind that is instrumental for cards against humanity

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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