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Twilight has just opened her school for all creatures to attend, only for the EEA to shut it down. Starlight brought her out of her rut, and Twilight's ready to open the school again... only for her star students to be missing. With threats of war on the horizon, the missing students need to turn up fast.

Someone else, however, has other things in mind for the students. And the first step involves releasing a serious threat to Equestria. Something that only those with a select power can face.

A power that the students now have.

Cover by alts-art.

Chapters (37)
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Nice story. I’ll be sure to track this one.

is this turning into the last airbender?

They act more like one piece logias based on if they can convert their flesh into their respective element.

On a side not I expected Yona to have been snow or ice while sandbar been earth or sand based on his lineage of being an earth pony sharing a connection to the earth.

Oooh! Some Captain Planet stuff that we don't quite understand yet going on. So cool!

Actually, that's something they can't turn off. This does come into play later.

Also, yeah. That would have made more sense, and then Gallus could be Air, but I didn't think of it. Oh well. Bit too late to change it.

I'm siding with the rest of the mane six here. There is no reason whatsoever to order an execution for the six students just because they got these powers.

Going by Twilight's own admission that no one save for the original seven ever obtained those powers, the sample group for correlating the White Curse with murderous intent consists of exactly one group of seven. That's nowhere near enough to create a solid correlation between the two things, and certainly not enough to warrant a standing execution order.

There is also the fact that, as Twilight also said, mass murder is the only crime punished by death in Equestria. Leaving aside the extremely dubious morality of punishing someone for a crime they might do in the future, I think it's safe to say the six in question haven't actually killed anyone, and as I said before the fact that the previous seven bearers did is not enough to base any prediction on.

What I'm getting here is that Twilight and Celestia are willing to order the death of six children for a crime they didn't do based on a belief they have no proof for. This doesn't look good for them, and if I can be quite honest it doesn't seem very in character either.

Two more minor complaints:

It's not worth getting this angry over.

This is not strictly a complaint against the writing itself, but I have to disagree with Fluttershy here. Considering that the lives of six children were riding on how that decision was made, I'd say it was worth getting upset over.

"I didn't do it for you. I didn't want everypony's friendship ruined by this. Besides..."

What Fluttershy said next shocked Twilight. Not because of the accusation, but because Fluttershy was right.

Twilight looked around, hoping that no one heard what Fluttershy said. "Please don't tell anyone?"

Right about what? It could very well be that I'm missing or misremembering something mention earlier, but if not -- why be so cryptic?


Keep in mind, as far as the mane six should know at this point, the ones that now have the White Curse may not be students or even that young. As far as they're concerned, these could be full grown ponies who consciously chose to receive these powers, as opposed to students that stumbled across them by accident.

In the context of "She doesn't know they're children", Twilight blindly rolling with Celestia on something that she probably shouldn't isn't entirely OoC for her. As for Celestia, I'll address that as well as I can soon enough.

As for the other complaints, Fluttershy's first comment was both because of the whole "They don't know they're children" thing, and because she was worried about their friendship falling apart. Her aim wasn't to be right, but to diffuse the situation. As for her second comment, it's supposed to be unknown to the reader at this point. It will become obvious what the accusation was later. If I share what she said now, it will ruin some of the mystery I'm setting up.


Ah. I had been working under the impression that they did at least suspect who had the powers.

In that case, if they know that the powers suddenly reemerged without warning but not who gained them and how they did so, I can understand the paranoia. Twilight not thinking to question what Celestia tells her is... pretty much canon anyway, Twilight still puts Celestia on a very high pedestal in the show, so fair enough. I'll withhold opinions on Celestia until we get her side of the story.

I still think that a standing death warrant on whoever obtains the powers is a bit much, though. They still only have the one data point.

That's got to be one of the creepiest ways to help someone I've ever seen. Effective, yes, but still.

Yona waved her hoof around as she talked. "Hentai Rangers are student that turn heroes when fight evil! Monster appear in great size, and they use power to defeat and protect innocent! They master juggle school life and hero-"

... oh, Lord.

"Anyway, do you know if they make those for griffons? I'm gonna need one for my mask."

And for nothing else, I'm sure.

Inside Ocellus' room, the invisible mare spoke to the invisible stallion, "Believe me now?"

I reiterate what I said before: whoever these people are, they are creeping me out.


Just read your comment, and I can't stop laughing. Both because of the reactions I intended... and the one I didn't (Gallus).

Gallus quickly came up with an excuse. "Sorry! We were gambling."

The other five shot Gallus a horrified look. It took Gallus a second to realize what he said, and his face fell.

"Well don't get too wrapped up in it! Get out here!"

Smolder opened the door, greatful that it was Pinkie and not one of the other professors.

"If you kids want to gamble, that's not my problem. But Applejack won't be happy if you're late!" With that she bounced off.

Wow, in MY school, we weren't even allowed to play BlackJack aka 21 for the sake of getting a higher score than the other person. Somehow that was gambling, even without any gambling. If THAT was actually gambling, then they shouldn't have let us play fucking MONOPOLY since rolling dice is a game of LUCK.

So how did Novo figure things out?


Yeah, I realized after I finished writing that I didn't make that clear. I just added a couple of paragraphs to the start of the chapter that clarify how.

"One small thing." Ocellus flipped the book to the right page. "Apparently, these old heroes had specially made weapons. The Wing-rang, Blazer Blade, Cobble Mallet, Land-Sea bow, Castor Staff, Thunder Dagger, and the Echo Shuriken. There are also rumors of an eighth weapon, but it's not named."

I'm guessing Wing-rang for Sandbar, Blazer Blade for Smolder, Cobble Mallet for Yona, Land-Sea Bow for Silverstream, Castor Staff for Ocellus, and the unknown for Gallus. By the way, there where two more weapons and powers... is there gonna be two more kids who end up with those? If so, I suggest a young Diamond Dog from a nearby pack for thunder and a gargoyle from Tireks homeland for ice.

Ocellus realized something serious. "We need those weapons."

Yes, yes you do. And I have a sneaking suspicion that at least one of the weapons is in the possession of a certain Aztec river monster...


... A Gargoyle? I hadn't thought of that. But too much of this story is planned out to take those suggestions. Sorry!

Nutterbutters... oh well, great story so far!

Sandbar, Smolder, and Lily against Me, Yona


"Considering I cause most of the damage to this one.

Should be "caused", since she's not causing damage right that moment.


That's what happens when my pre-reader doesn't note down what the errors she found are.

Sandbar looked mad. "My family will not let me forget what happened to that scuba tank."

... why do I suspect they reinacted the scene from Jaws? "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS SHARK SLAYERS!!!"
Also, I KNEW Smolder liked Manga! How else would she know what hentai is?


Actually, Heatnix is a reference to Blaze Heatnix from Mega Man X6, a video game. I just wasn't specific about what kind of franchise it was because it's a bit iffy if Equestria has video games or not. If you want to say it's a manga in this universe, go right ahead. I won't say no.

I KNEW something was up! At least now we know who/what our antagonist is!

A malicious force being able to take control of people with that power at a moment's notice is a fair enough reason to be highly wary of it, I admit.

On that note, why does Celestia think only adult warriors can take the White Curse?


It's half not understanding anything about the White Curse, and half wishful thinking.

I don't make it clear, but she knows the last group of White Cursed like most of Equestria "knows" Twilight; Hearing about their accomplishments and the occasional other tale, but that's about it. She didn't know most of them personally, at most meeting them to congratulate them on their accomplishments, if they were big enough, and they didn't see any need to inform her of anything regarding the White Curse aside from its existence. A lot of the things she needs to know, but doesn't, are on the fly deductions based on what she does know, as wrong as they may be.

Also, note her reaction to Twilight asking what she would do if she had to kill a child. She does not want to even think of doing it, and since she executes anyone with the White Curse, she'd have to either execute a child, or find a way to spare them while making it look like she killed them, and who knows if she could pull that off. Either way, it could easily damage, if not destroy, her reputation. And if she tries to execute one of the transfer students, that's just a whole other mess of trouble waiting to happen. I doubt even Thorax would let that slide.

The genus that can outsmart any scholar



That looked wrong to me, but neither my spell-checker nor my pre-reader caught that, so I thought it was fine. I should have looked that up to make sure.

We still don’t have an update on Gallus’s power.


Nope. That won't be for a while.

And something tells me that Neighsay is going to get corrupted at some point: after all, if ANYPONY is bitter and wants revenge it's that guy!

If they can read each others' minds, it will be a miracle if their friendship lasts a month.

Comment posted by Anthony158 deleted Jul 24th, 2018

I love the story, cant wait to see more :D. NIce work and keep doing your great job.

Don't like what you did to Pharynx, but other than that great story.

Who want to bet that the battle where Gallus releases his power is gonna be the pony equivalent of Boros vs Saitama?

Keep doing what you’re doing. This is one of my favorite stories I’ve ever read on here!

Oh no.... poor Starlight :ajsleepy:... welp at least they sabe her… but still who is the seven one??

Also good chapter 😃 cant wait to see more, continue your amazing job 😄

Fun chapter, fun indeed.

Boulder reared up, then slammed down onto Starlight, dissolving into a pile of dirt on impact. The moment she did, Striker and Aqualine both dropped, then embraced each other.

Is this evidence of a possible romance between Silver and Gallus :rainbowkiss:

I kid, I kid.

Good job so far :)

Amazing chapter...and finally after a lot of time... THEY FINALLY KISS :heart::twilightsheepish:


I'm assuming Gallus is an orphan, as he is in canon?

I hope the others apologize for all the pranks

"Hentai rangers"
Me O-O "flashbacks to the darkest days in my anime carear"

It’s really up to you if you want to rewrite them, I thought they were fine, but that’s just my say on them.


Not exactly. The Gabriella they're talking about is a historical character (for this story) that existed a thousand years ago, and Gabby is named after her (even though, meta-wise, the historical figure is named after the show character). Earlier chapters made it clear that Gabriella was a part of the team that used the Student's powers back then, and is the one that used the power that Gallus has.

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