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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: The Mobian Era (Season 2)

The Mane 6 and the Freedom Fighters have fully recovered from the alien invasion, and now they're going back to their normal lives. Or, at least, as normal as they can get. Although, they're going to face their biggest challenge of all. Time and space. Who knows what they're gonna face through this adventure. Maybe even make some new friends and allies, whether or not they'll be friendly with them in the beginning. Behold, the 3rd Season of the Mobian Era.

Freedom Fighters:
Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles "Tails" Prower
Amy Rose
Cream the Rabbit & Cheese
Ben "Mutt" Muttski
Maria Robotnik [the Hedgehog]
MC the Fox (My own OC)
Truemen the Bear (OC created by MLPMekarm)
Nicole the Holo-Lynx

Part-Time Freedom Fighters:
Sally Acorn
Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette
Antoine D'Coolette
Rotor the Walrus

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke
Joshua and Guard Armor belongs to jkreader

This season also has sagas as well. Including:

The Solaris Saga

The Dark Gaia Saga

The Wisp Saga

The Generations Saga

Chapters (26)
Comments ( 170 )

Awesome! Keep up the good work! And remember the ideas for the Night Forms of the Mane 6.

Comment posted by Lejnard Justin L Mendoza deleted Nov 16th, 2022

Ideas for season 4:Sonic Lost World, Sonic Forces, Sonic Frontiers and MLP S9(unfortunately Cozy Glow is now reformed)

Well I'll give you some credit for your past stories of the sonic franchise. I'll keep an eye on this for now, but I do hope things with the Sonic '06 portion are not...you know...

Umm hate to burst your bubble but in the first season of this crossover fanfic series. MLP season 9 already happened.

Oh! Don’t forget The Black Knight Saga and the Secret Rings Saga, they happen before the Wisp Saga

One example could be Werelight Shine as the night time form of Twilight!


I don't want to sound rude or offensive against you. But, what you're saying with that "spoilers" speech is very meaningless by now. Those four specific sonic games were made over a decade ago.

A whole of lot of people ( Especially to sonic fans like you and me. ) already buy, played, or watch the games stories and play throughs on YouTube.

It will make much more sense if you were talking about spoilers of the new Sonic Frontiers, considering that it's still new.

But, NOT about old sonic games that a lot of people already have, played, and watched many years over.

P.S. Sure, you can make a argument that not everyone is a sonic fan. And to some people, they somehow didn't even watch or buy those games ( Despite these many years. ) for one reason or another.

But, all I see with the other commenters. Is that they are hardcore sonic fans too, and they already know the games long ago.

So Sunny and the others are going to appear in the solaris saga only?

now things are getting heavy. also are the new cast of 'My Little Pony' gonna be sent to the past??

"That's Blaze," Amy said. "She's a princess from another dimension that ended up in our dimension not too long before your world became a part of ours."

"Yikes," MC said. "So, what happened to Marine?"

Interesting. So you're saying here that the last Sonic game to occur before this series is Sonic Rush Adventure, and it occurred before the games in the previous story? Alright, this gives me a better idea on what the timeline on Sonic's world is: Sonic 1 -> Sonic CD -> Sonic 2 -> Sonic 3 & Knuckles -> Sonic Rush -> Sonic Rush Adventure -> Sonic Adventure -> Sonic Adventure 2 -> Sonic Heroes -> Shadow the Hedgehog -> Sonic '06

So Blaze ended up in sonic's dimension 200 years in the future thanks to eggman nega. So how will Blaze explain to Silver that she has to go back to her own dimension in her own time period once this is all over.

dang. that's harsh dude. what will happen to her by the end of this arc??

huh. well if you need ideas i got a few if your willing to hear them.

If Maria, MC and Omega are the only ones left after 200 years and Nyx "vanished" does that mean Joshua also left with her?

personally i would have liked a sonic battle arc that shows ermel.
I know it happened before the solaris arc

i hope Truemen will help out more in this story.

so Truemen was dealing with 'Sonic Man?'. is he with MC and his group??

"Okay, that's a good point," MC said. "Anyway... after that day came to pass, Maria and I were the only Freedom Fighters in the world that were left alive. I was tasked to keep Equestria safe by Sparkles, but... Maria wanted to stay and watch over the survivors of the burnt Soleanna. Eventually, she and I departed and... basically, I hadn't seen her in years."

Bruh why didn't u mentioned Shadow, he is immortal like Maria

now that's a crazy nice ending to that.

I wonder though are you going to add misty and sparky in this story as well?

And that's it for this adaptation of Sonic '06! Next time is the start of this fanfic's adaptation of Sonic Unleashed!

Then wisps then generations
Oh wait why not in random chapter one of the statue breaks lolololol

wonder how Amy will see Truemen after the crazy they all went through?

Can you give us images of the Mane 6’s Night forms?

Then just show me them in Pony form, I don't mind. I can at least picture what they look like.


Sorry, but I can't get a Pinkie Pie monster form. I made that up.

I’m guessing Pinkie looks more like a mummified Sphinx?

Good. Also I think you should rename the Past Arc, the “Generation Arc” or the “Time Eater Arc”.

i wonder if truemen will stick by amy during this crazy event to keep her and the nutty pickle safe?

Also I think you should rename the Past Arc, the “Generation Arc” or the “Time Eater Arc”.

I'll make some adjustments after the next chapter is finished. Those are better names.

Dark Gaia It won't do something to Nyx too, right?

Jyc Row could probably top Applejack's and Fluttershy's monster forms with something even more horrifying.

Would certainly justify the breath. :rainbowlaugh:

None were released yet on the others though.

Also, for some reason I want to imagine Rainbow in that form but wearing a color-splattered lab coat.

One other thing I'm wondering would be if the MLP comics were canon in this story which would mean that Rarity would recognize that form of hers. I wonder if Twilight and Fluttershy would recognize theirs as well.

wonder when Amy will get over Sonic and see the bear she's with?

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