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A saga of Sonic the Hedgehog characters living in G5 Equestria.


This story is a sequel to Sonic The Hedgehog x My Little Pony: Make Your Mark - Season 3

One apparently normal day, Dr Eggman tries to steal the Chaos Emeralds from the Crystal Brighthouse, but his attempt fails so badly that he ends up sending the Emeralds to the human world counterpart of Equestria. Now, Sonic sets himself on a mission: to find the Emeralds and bring them back to Equestria before they fall in the wrong hands. But as he travels on this new human world, he also ends up meeting some faces that look very familiar... but are pretty different at the same time.

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As I said in the previous story, I'm not THAT excited as with the Make Your Mark stories.

Still, I'm up to give it a chance!

Well, this actually looks promising. Let's see how the story goes out!

It’s… nice. Not your strongest start but I’ll take your word that it gets better.

Okay, now I'm getting more excited!

This first chapter actually left me wanting more! Can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Okay. While it's a pretty simple start compared to the rest, I also gotta understand one thing: Just because many of your stories have a very strong start and hook's the reader to want more, doesn't mean ALL your stories are gonna be like that.

I'm gonna read this with an open mind and enjoy the story as much as I can.

Interesting how Human Pipp differs from Pony Pipp.

One is tired of the spotlight while the other, while not as obsessed as before, still lives for it.

And I still don't get that meme...

Can't wait to see how this goes.

I like to think that, while sharing some traits with each other, the human counterparts of the ponies also differ in a lot of aspects. One of the challenges of this story was to write the human Mane 5 as new characters, yet not at the same time.

Wow great start and to show an alternate Pipp in the EG universe and how sonic express past experiences and his love for his Pipp, nice start there, and I get the feelings things are about to get interesting

Wow, great chapter and looks like Eggman made his move and send one of his robots to get the emeralds, but after a tussle, they fell through the magic mirror Sunny kept, which is still shocked she kept it, and looks like sonic is off to the eg world to get the emeralds back, though it’s gonna be tougher than he thought but he gotta work fast to get them, and looks like a new enemy in EG world is about to find the emeralds too, wow that’s amazing! Awesome job on this chapter! Looking forward to the next one!

Awesome Chapter 😎👍

Well, I'm glad you'll give it a chance all the same! :twilightsmile:

I am curious if Sunset and other will make an appearance or be mentioned?

Well, Robotnik's a crazy old man that's way more narcissist than regular Eggman... Should I be worried? :rainbowhuh:

Well, Sonic f*cked things up on his attempt to not fuck them up. That's just sad.

Hey! That’s my joke! Do not steal!

All jokes aside, for now, apparently Robotnik is a giant man child here. This is going to be fun for us and a headache for Sonic.

Also surprised Sonic never caused a blackout before given his powers aren’t new here.

Great chapter, and wow, even in that rold, Robotinik is still the same ego crazy machine guy, and looks like Sonic has four emeralds and looks like things are about to get more wild after that blackout and Eggman of EG in charge and hunting down Sonic, and looks like Zipp and Pipp and their friends are in for a surprise on the way, awesome job, keep up the great work.

He looks so weird tho
(still glad he returns)

Yeah, I don't hate the design, but I'm not a big fan, either.

Just saw Chapter 6 and I got to tell you it was EPIC!!! So you better do it. Also Happy Thanksgiving.

Let me give you the news, then. You probably wanna get ready to be harsh on me.

Your not gonna do chapter 6 are you

Im confused, what chapter 6?

Chapter 6 of Make Your Mark.

I had the feeling you wouldn't. The way you never directly said you would or wouldn't do the chapter always gave m the impression you wouldn't do it. :(

I do not think the story is lazy at all, in fact I think it is perfect length. I do feel however, that with the Make Your Mark stuff you do tend to go overboard. This is nice short and easy to read.

The story is lazy in the sense that it's not that original.

As for MYM, I leave the long length 'cause it works better and gives me way more time to develop than with stories like this one.

The fastest thing alive, knocked out by a dart. LOL.

Now that I think about it, what did regular humans in Mobius thought the firs time they saw Sonic and his friends? Because if the Human Zipp and Pipp freaked out at him, the other humans did the same?

Great chapter and while sonic is looking for the emeralds, he found out other Eggman in that world and break into human Zipp and Pipp’s house to open a ring and get the emerald they had to get away, but Zipp found him and the two sisters and sonic screamed in panic and shot a dart to his legs knocked Sonic out and lost his rings and the emerald, and looks like their were slight explanations while Sonic kept half the truth while Eggman of EG found him and the sisters decided to help him, awesome job, keep up the great work

That explains why that chapter felt so much different from the episode.

Anyway, Sonic has made contact with other sentients, and got shot in the leg. Good thing that wasn’t a real gun or this would be a very short story with Sonic owning a bakery.

Good thing that wasn’t a real gun or this would be a very short story with Sonic owning a bakery.

I know you're referencing something, I just don't know what...

Don’t worry this has nothing to do with Chapter 6, after G5 Equestria Girls what’s next, you gonna go back to do Tell Your Tale?

Yup. And after that, we move to Project Delta, which's plot and name are gonna be revealed.

They're gonna be polemic, though, specially the final name...

"Ugh... What are we doing...?" Zipp questioned with a frown and a bored expression.

Bringing over a Blue Hedgehog from another universe, that's what you're doing :/

I'll argue that Sonic can go after the Emerald by himself just fine, but if he did so, the story's over in just two chapters, and I don't think anyone wants that.

Wow, great chapter, looks like Zipp and Pipp are on the run from Robotnik, and looks like this Eggman met sonic and now they are on the run and now he got Sonic's quill and he's about to hunt them and Zipp and Pipp agreed to help Sonic to get the rings and emerald back, awesome job on that chapter, it looks amazing, and funny, keep up the great work.

Well, this is one way for the sisters to spend the weekend, hiding from the law and a madman that wants to literally kill them.

"I mean, yesterday, I found a glowing blue emerald," Pipp started to explain. "I was going to give it to Principal Shimmer on school, but I forgot, then the blackout happened last night and I saw the emerald shining and––"

Wait, Principle Shimmer? As in Sunset Shimmer?

Yup! Glad someone noticed this!

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