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A saga of Sonic the Hedgehog characters living in G5 Equestria.



This story is a sequel to Sonic The Hedgehog x My Little Pony: A New Generation

Now that Sunny Starscout and her friends - Izzy Moonbow, Hitch Trailblazer, Zipp Storm, Pipp Petals and Sonic the Hedgehog - have restored the magic all across Equestria, they're all living together in Maretime Bay, having all kind of fun adventures. And with Team Sonic and Team Dark added to the mix, things can't be more funnier!

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Great start on this chapter, and not only are the gang finishing up the Crystal Brighthouse, but Sonic finding the three powered down Chaos Emeralds, talk about luck and great work

Oh man that was great and funny, while sonic having trouble recharging the emeralds, Queen Haven throw Zipp and Pipp a “goodbye” parade, and boy was it funny and sonic feeling a strange sensation, awesome job in this chapter

That was great, and while sonic was actually cleaning from getting the dust out, the rest of the are not focused and making a mess of things, which went into chaos and then sometime later, Sunny found the courage she need and got them back on track and finished the Brighthouse, awesome job, keep up the great work

Although more when only Sonic is there, but he doesn't have to know , she thought.

Sonic’s ego is big enough as it is now. I don’t think Equestria could survive if it got any bigger! :rainbowlaugh:

I like how you made Sonic that one character who was unaware of the entire thing.

Sonic, on the other hand, took out his phone with a smirk, and took a picture of the TV, saving Zipp's pictures for his convenience.

"And click!" he exclaimed after taking the photos. "I'll definitely pester Zipp with this until it bores me" Sonic said with a smirk. "I feel a little bad for her, but sweet Chaos, that was hilarious! Embarrassing, but hilarious."

"Oh, when Zipp gets back, she will never hear the end of this!" Sunny exclaimed as she laughed.


Great chapter and loved how Sonic is concern for the pegasi and boy Zipp went to a rough start, so did the rest of their friends and wow, that was great, awesome job, keep up the great work

Great chapter and wow the girls gotta get used to Izzy, and apparently sonic and Hitch got the idea of honest to tell Izzy the truth will be a good idea and they didn’t try it at first but they did and now sonic told hitch of the chaos emeralds and looks like they have two missions, to figure out how to reactivate the emeralds and where are the rest, great job, keep up the great work

That was a great chapter, Pipp starting her own salon and are getting through the roof salon reviews, but then Phyllis came in for inspection and that made Pipp nervous and made a bald spot on Phyllis’ mane, and it was thanks to sonic and Zipp to get her courage back, she got the review she need to keep her business going and Zipp giving her the chance to let her sister style her mane, but regret it soon after but still, awesome job, keep up the great work

Great chapter And wow that was funny. With Izzy being trap in the unicorn box, that she didn’t see the tour that hitch planned and Hitch thought his friends weren’t paying attention and sonic got the pain side of the box, and water is not his thing since he can’t swim, and the others told Hitch that they enjoy the tour and Izzy got free with the emergency release underneath the box and is going to enjoy the tour for real, but hitch got trap in another one and sonic got ticked off that after he use his powers to try the button, which didn’t work until he went to the other one, to free hitch out of the box, he toss it to the ocean, with his friends watching in shock at what happened, sonic got embarrassed that they have to see that, anyway, awesome job, keep up the great work

Hey 24, how's your version going?

Uh-oh! Eggman is gonna be baaaack sooon.

Eggman: Hello hedgehog! I’m baaaaaaack! Hohohohohohoho!!

Sonic now has the powers that his movie counterpart has.

Please give Sonic a Super Blue form and make the Chaos Emeralds even more powerful and allow Sonic to tap deep into the emeralds’ into deep reserves of chaos energy that lays untapped for years. Maybe also have a chapter where they find the remains of Ponyville and Cantalot from G4.

Of course we know Eggman already has 2 of the emeralds from the New Generation story thanks to Opal and Sonic already found 3 in the forest. So far 5 have been found and there is still the matter of reactivating their power meaning there are 2 still left unaccounted for and if Discord does appear in the story has the last two Chaos Emeralds. If that mysterious alicorn does turn out to be Twilight from G4 then Sonic will need to find the last 2 and get back the other 2 emeralds that Eggman has and transform into Super Sonic to face her in battle and turn her back to normal and we get a new Mane 6.

I’ve seen super sonic blue before but question, what’s it even about and how did it even happen. Because I cannot find any info on it.

The only explanation I could figure was a glitch in Sonic Mania, where you could have super sonic look blue. So can I please have some context at least.

Comment posted by BronySonicFan deleted Sep 20th, 2022

Nice chapter and wow, Hitch really need to pay more attention to his critters and wow the critters are impressive but they did broke a few laws, and now Hitch solved the case and told the critters to return everything they’ve stole before locking them up for their sentence, and sonic and hitch than looked at something deeper, and it looked like the emeralds showed the map of Opaline and her castle and showed here the remaining crystals are, and oh boy, this is getting more and more interesting, awesome job, keep up the great work

Great chapter, and boy Pipp showing the bunny hop and tries to get her friends to do it but they did their own dance moves, and when Pipp showed them how it’s done, they ran off, leaving just her and sonic behind, and when they bump into Posey and Jazz, they told them that the bunny hop is out dated, and so Pipp made the next best video that is a combination of our heroes dances and they’ve gone viral, and looks like sonic now have a job and looks like Pipp just revealed her crush of sonic to her friends, oh boy this would be interesting, awesome job, keep up the great work

Comment posted by BronySonicFan deleted Sep 20th, 2022

OOOOH. I see

I read something else, sorry for that pal :twilightblush:

Pretty soon Eggman will show up and cause trouble. He always likes to make Sonic miserable while said blue hero just get a kick out of fighting ol’ egghead and his mechanical flunkies.

True that, and when that egghead threatens something close to sonic, he takes that personally

Super Sonic Blue for sure. I’m sure Eggman and his new ally wouldn’t want to face a incarnation similar to Goku. If Super Sonic Blue does appear then he sure Ultra Sonic appear as well as Sonic breaks his limits and soar into uncharted frontiers of untapped power of the Chaos Emeralds. They wouldn’t stand a remote chance of defeating Sonic!

No my question is. Where did it come from?

I wonder if Amy and Pip will be rivals later down the road.

Well it came from the idea of Super Sayian Blue from Dragonball Super series.

Are you going to do the Make Your Mark special right after Sunny-Day Diners?

Okay, great chapter and boy Sonic and Izzy had fun, and sonic trying to find answers of the other emeralds and the map, at least he and Izzy had fun together, and Pipp was about to be jealous until they realizes they were just having fun and now the group join in at the end, great chapter, keep up the great work

Great chapter, and out of Sunny’s friends, Sonic I’d the only one who actually remembered and sunny, sonic and Izzy went on their hike, which sunny planned so her friends could come together, but got lost in the woods and the others went to find them, and once they did, they spend time together and Eggman and Opaline are spying on them, eggman is patient to plan an attack while Opaline is itchy to take magic and egg man is now gonna send metal sonic to attack sonic and his friends around Maretime Bay Day, and this is gonna be interesting, awesome job, keep up the great work and im looking forward to the Make Your Mark Story

Eggman is back! And ready to cause trouble!!

Are you going to give Metal Sonic the ability to turn into his Neo form, as well as SPEAK?!

Awesome job 😎 👍

This was a good chapter, Though I wanted to ask, Why didn't you include Senor Butterscotch here? :) He was the best part of this Tell Your Tale Episode

The truth is that Izzy literally making a friend was sad to watch, so putting Sonic to hang out with her instead was way more logical to me.

Ahh that's cool! Ooh what about the Make Your Mark Chapter 1 Special? Are you going to write a fic of that too? Would be awesome to see Sonic's reaction to that hahaha, He would blow up from the Magic Problem situation and how Sunny and the others are oblivious to it! Sonic being mad by the way is one of the best scenes in your stories!

Wait for tomorrow and you'll see :raritywink:

Great chapter and like how Pipps friends tried to cheer her up after Izzy’s screw up, and wow, was Pipp depress, and they cheered her up by remaking Maretime Bay Day in the garden and she learned that files are not important as spending time with her friends are, and the ending where Tails restore the files, wow he got a big hug from her, great job, keep up the great work

Great chapter and wow, Zipp sure has embarrassed herself over her sunglasses and wasted her friends time, and Tails helped Izzy with those Z-Goggles and stopped Zipp before anything else goes wrong, awesome job, keep up the great work

I am surprised Tails & Knuckles have not shown up yet. I wonder why though?

Tell Your Tale happens 1 month after A New Generation. Tails and Knuckles appeared in Equestria 6 months after Sonic disappeared.

Awesome job 😎👍

"He didn't earn the title of 'wunderkind' for nothing!" Sonic replied with a smile. "But he needs time, so we have to cheer up Pipp somehow as he makes his magic work!" he stated with confidence, as Zipp smiled back and nodded.

you mean "wonderkid", right?

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