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A saga of Sonic the Hedgehog characters living in G5 Equestria.



During an encounter with Dr. Eggman, Sonic activates a machine that wasn't ready yet, just as the evil scientist planned out. Endowed with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, which Sonic conveniently brought with him, the machine swallows the hedgehog and sends him into a new world, a world that has been divided for centuries and has lost all its magic. Now teaming up with a very optimistic unicorn named Izzy, Sonic will embark on a journey through the uncharted land of Equestria, to unite all the ponies, reclaim the magic, and hopefully find his way back home.

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I like the story don’t get me wrong but you are missing some punctuation here and there.

I noticed that you kept switching pronouns for Izzy. Is she supposed to be non binary in this story? Not trying to be mean but I am just trying to figure out what you are going for.

Mispronunciation, actually. My main language is Spanish, and therefore it is inevitable that these errors appear. Sorry about that, by the way 😅

No problem. I just wanted to help. Your English is pretty good and the punctuation between Spanish and English are pretty much the same so no worries for that. The only difference is we don’t have upside down exclamation marks if that is what you are worried about. I only know the basics of the Spanish language and currently learning Japanese. Wish I can help you more.

No, no, actually thanks for pointing it out. I'll probably fix those mistakes once I'm done with the whole story. Oh, and thanks for read the story too! I really appreciate it :twilightblush:

I´m liking it so far, and i´m interested to see where it goes.

Just wondering are you planning to do TYT and the Make Your Mark Special along with the series? I heard that there is going to be another special called Winter Wish Day.

You must see the future or something, because I AM going to write TYT and MYM with Sonic as well. And of course, the next special with him as well.

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Cool but I think you got the wrong person.

Dang it. Wrong comment user. Sorry.

That’s great to hear and I’m looking forward to it. And this story is the great, love the first two chapters. And by the way, I found out what name the Alicorn Queen in G5 is, her name is Opaline, the name like Rarity’s cat, Opal. And don’t forget the series of Make Your Mark after the special of it. And I’m looking forward to your future stories

Time to get this show on the road! Sonic’s newest adventure is just beginning!

Great chapter and Sonic really made those traps in Maretime Bay like toys through his experience and help Izzy and Sunny escape and made it to Zephyr Heights where they met Zipp and got caught by the royal guards, awesome job, keep up the great work

I'm enjoying your story a lot and looking forward to seeing how Pipp and her mother Queen Haven will react to meeting Sonic, Sunny and Izzy. :twilightsmile:

Great chapter, and seriously, those ponies really need eyes to see that Sonic is an hedgehog and sonic really nearly made Queen Haven smiled and apparently, they were pit in the dungeon but Zipp got them out and revealed the secrets of their lies and showed some ancient station of old equestria and planned to get the Pegasus Crystal and sonic showed off his super speed that shock Sunny and Zipp, since Izzy already knew and got the supplies and now they are making a plan, awesome job, keep up the great work

If you ever do decide to do TYT, I think it will be fun if you included Sonic centered chapters with some of his friends. I think the make your mark special will be a cool way to introduce them.

Nice chapter, and them now having the Pegasus Crystal and exposing the royalties, even though they deserved it for lying to their subjects, and sonic hate liars and Hitch joining the group, and now Pipp as well since Sonic helped her escape and Queen Haven remained behind, that was a great chapter, great job, keep up the great work

Will Sonic get the Chaos Emeralds back and take Sprout on in a Super Sonic style showdown with Super Sonic blowing a hole in the war machine causing to blow up in a huge fireball.

Most likely not dude. But he might in the sequel stories.

Great chapter and see that Pipp starts to have feelings for Sonic, and speaking of which, she and Amy might have a competition, and now they are on their way to Bridlewood to find the Unicorn crystal and Sonic words really got through to Pipp and Hitch, sorta speak and now they made camp for the night, great job, keep up the great work

Nice chapter. And Sonic x Pipp shipping I’m seeing.

I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Great chapter of Sonic telling his full story to the Mane 5 and are resting around the camp fire to get the energy they need for Bridlewood, and sonic shared his true feeling to them and Pipp as well on how he really feel about this, and wow Pipp’s feelings for Sonic is growing and she apologize to him on how she’s treated him lately and went to sleep and looks like Hitch will do the same thing, great job, keep up the great work

Great chapter of our heroes going in Bridlewood, and boy that song is catchy and boy were those unicorns depress. And sonic was stretching his legs and Hitch apologized to him and he was right when he sees Alphabittle rig a challenge and Sunny compete in a dancing game to get the unicorn crystal, and once she wins, our heroes lost their unicorn disguised and are exposes. This should be interesting, awesome job, keep up the great work

Awesome and wow did sonic trip the unicorns, reverse psychology , gets them every time. And boy was he mad and sing a song with Pipp comforting him for feeling down of magic didn’t restored and losing hope of returning to his friends and now our heroes found out there’s a third crystals and are on their way to Maretime bay to tell sunny, and boy this is gonna be more exciting and I hope Sonic stop Sprout robot from destroying the lighthouse and it will be an epic battle, awesome job, keep up the great work

Great job and wow Sonic fighting sprout and his mech, that something and boy was it a battle sonic enjoy and hit a nerve on sprout, and now the three tribes are together but the lighthouse is destroyed but now the magic of friendship lives again and the lights of magic begins to sprout again, awesome job, keep up the great work

Will Sprout pull an Eggman in the next chapter?

Was Sprout hurt by everything she heard? Yes, without a doubt... but he thought that, if at this point he had already become the villain, then he would gladly be the villain.

All in favor of Sprout either getting arrested or banished to another universe as punishment for embracing the role of the villain, along with having Kid Cudi’s Stars in the Sky serve as the song in the end credits, raise your hands and say ‘aye!’

Pipp is developing a platonic crush on Sonic.

Well this just got interesting.

Awesome job, and wow the ending was great, and not only that when Equestria magic is restored and sunny gain her alicorn stats and Sonic and the others are together for more adventure, but now Opaline team up with egg an and they are working together to complete each other goals and Opaline has two of the seven Chaos emeralds, this is gonna be interesting and I hope tell your tales and make your mark stories pop up. This was a great story, awesome job

Hoo boy, Dr. Eggman has formed an alliance with Opaline the evil Alicorn. Looks like Sonic and the Mane Five are going to have paws and hooves full when evil returns to Equestria.

Oh no. If Opaline is Twilight she made an alliance with Eggman!! I think Orbot and Cubot will appear. Not to mention Eggman is back!!

Orbot: Oh joy here we go again!

Cubot: Yeah! We’re back evil business!!

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