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Yes I ship Hitch with everypony under the sun, how could you tell?

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    October Update

    Howdy peeps, I realize I've been really inactive for the past month, I REALLY have fallen off since last September and I know that maybe one or two people are wondering about that. So I wanted to do an update on everything happening so far this month!

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  • 80 weeks
    MYM Chapter 2

    I just finished chapter 2 and frick, I'm blown away. Animation? Beautiful. Stories? Blew Chapter 1 out of the water. Characters? Don't even get me started on Misty, love her.

    Chapter 2 proved my little head-canon of Izzy watching over Sparky, being the main dragon-sitter of the mares, so WOOO, my Izzy and Hitch fic being before just made my freakin' night. And Misty is honestly top 3 favorite G5 ponies now. Love her to bits!

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  • 81 weeks
    Heckin Raiders & Short Break

    My discord server got raided... feels bad man.

    But sidenote, I'm going to be taking a short break from uploading new things until Monday, I want to be able to watch Chapter 2 of Make Your Mark before I do something silly. I saw some previews and hah, it's implied Izzy watches over Sparky in one of them, my fanfiction is coming to life

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    Not Sure, so Don't @ Me

    Phew, I uh, I really overdid it this weekend with all the postings. I have two completed stories, two incomplete stories, and the one-shots.

    Point of this is: I won't be able to keep up the same pace, but I will finish the stories I did post in any case, just don't expect them AS soon as before is all ^^;

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Howdy, I'm Ace and for the most part I just really like G5.

I'll be writing a plethora of G5 content on fimfiction until it kills me, or realistically I run out of inspiration to write. In general I think G5 is kind of slept on as a whole, so I want to change that best I can~

Mixture of both Everything/Teen and Mature content on my page. Please don't look at Mature fics if you're not 18. I don't tolerate kids reading mature fics, if you're going to do it do not interact with me over it.

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Wanna join in if want to join in any of the groups

I totally get it, like seriously I have started like 3 other stories and stopped them all moving onto other stories because I suddenly got inspired to do them all of a sudden. Not to mention other things like my life and games and such. Seriously, it's an annoying thing, I don't have ADHD myself but I can relate somewhat to people that have it, ADHD is a struggle lmao

I envy you. Whenever I feel like continuing writing, I always get easily distracted. Then again, I get easily distracted no matter what I do. Sometimes I worry I might have ADHD.

Well first you listen to this song Non Stop

And also, man I'm just obsessed with writing, I've had years of experience RP, so fanfic writing, pssht, that's easy! Though on a more serious note I've also not had work for the past 2 days so I just like using my free time for fanfic writing ^^

Over 30k words in 2 days?! How do you write this much in so little time? Share it with me!

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