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Yes I ship Hitch with everypony under the sun, how could you tell?


Hearts and Hooves Day is Upon us, and four eager mares decide to plan out their days by preparing gifts the day before!

This fic was made as a joke, I don't think anyone thinks this would actually happen, 'prolly cause it wouldn't lol. So don't get too up in your arms about the content please!

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I feel so bad for Sunny, Pipp and Zipp as they should have asked Hitch out first before getting him gifts. XD

Since when are they interested in Hitch?

Since two hours ago, arbitrarily, on the spot.

Well that’s shorter than expected.

So don't get too up in your arms about the content please!

Why would this make us mad?

Wish you saved this for Valentines Day. It’s nice a story

he's mine and nopony can stop me!!1!!11!!!! :flutterrage:

Hah, I considered it, but I also wanted to do something special for Valentines Day instead, I'm considering this making up for missing Valentines Day 2021 in a sense lmao

Shipping wars, also the fight towards the end being fairly out of character

Congratulations, Hitch. You’re the new Spike.

Well, I don't get it. Hitch is not Spike and that he's a father to a baby dragon named Sparky.

can I ask how long your first story was reviewed

Your account is a week old and you get featured? Damn

You know, I'm kinda surprised there aren't more fics like this already.

hilarious part about your cover image, the first time I saw it, it just looked to me like Izzy decided to get in on the fight instead of fighting for anything in specific, she's just like "OOOO! A fight! Lemme at 'em!" then just dives right in not caring who is fighting who or what for

I don't remember exactly how long it took for my first story to get reviewed, but since then I've gotten my stories automatically approved so it usually takes less than 5 minutes for my stories to go up when I post them!

Is getting featured a rare thing on here? Lmao, either way I'm honored!

Totally, Izzy is a chaotic neutral man, love her

thank u,My novel is still under review,It's been two days

and in the end they all bucked....... up their chances to be with hitch. good thing sunny is a smoothie maker they are gonna need a lot of cold treats to mend those broken hearts.... and bruised limbs.

Poor Zipp, she's hot.

11374931 Hey, paid off mortgage. That's hot.

Pipp sighed, throwing her hooves into the air. “The costume I ordered doesn’t fit me! It’s too big, and I already ordered the smallest size they had! I tried putting it on in the bathroom but it keeps sagging down and making me look smaller than I already am! Not to mention making it look just terrible! Hmph, next time I’m ordering a custom made one.” Pipp huffed.

Pipp smol confirmed :rainbowlaugh:

“Actually- yes!” Hitch spoke with a soft smile. Pipp could feel her heart sink. “Sprout called me and wanted me to hang out with him for the day. He got really upset when no-pony asked to be his special somepony yesterday, and had a really hard time sleeping, so I’m going to hang out with him for the day. Nopony asked me to be their special somepony either, and since Izzy offered to take Sparky off my hands for the day anyways I told him I’d be happy to keep him company~” He smiled brightly. How nice of him! “Poor Sprout, he said he’d even date a Unicorn of Pegasus if it meant somepony asked him out, I couldn’t just say no to him! So we’re going to chill at his place all day!~”

Quick! Someone go tell Izzy!

Okay, I've recorded reading this aloud for the audio version that I'll be making soon.

This is as accurate as one can depict average mare behavior without making them whinny and knock down fences.

they had just got hit by a freight train of realization that none of them actually asked Hitch out yesterday

Oh yeah, that small, insignificant part...

Hey no worries, I was looking for a good harem comedy. 😄

I mean, in the Mane Five alone, there's just the one guy and the four mares with whom he shares a connection, and I'm not a lesbian shipper so I'd have them all go for him (if not alternates like Sprout), and thus I imagine he'd be spread pretty thin between them, and so why not capitalize on the shenanigans that would ensue from them going after him and him having to choose between them? 😁

“Hearts and Hooves Day! Duhhh, I thought that was obvious?” Pipp responded, holding back laughter. Jazz rolled her eyes, she couldn’t believe she didn’t get it, it was so obvious! Then again, Jazz wasn’t nearly as distracted about Hearts and Hooves Day as other ponies were. She didn’t exactly have a special somepony to come home to.

Ohh💔 I was hoping to find some (Jazz x Rocky)

Izzy giggled, trotting around. “Yeah! I’m sure Sprout’ll love it!” (❤️)

A brawl began to break out between the three ponies. Hooves being thrown out, tails being pulled and wings being stepped on. Izzy watched from the table before squealing. “Oh boy! Are we fighting now?!~ Make room for Izzy girls, cause I’m coming through!” Izzy shouted before suddenly rushing in, jumping into the cluster of ponies and started to fight too, though obviously not for the same reasons as the others.

(HILARIOUS 😂😂❤️❤️)

Excellent work!! Can't say it any better ❤️

Grammar, wording, and punctuation errors. Was not a good read at all… . I hated it! Reading it, yes because of the three problems I just described. The story itself? Heck no, it was funny!

Whether if it was for fun or not, I highly suggest that you do better with writing your stories in the future. I mean sure no one’s perfect… . But even I can tell that this story needed plenty of edits, and time for those edits too.

So please, don’t take this the wrong way, and just use this as reference for what you need to work on. Other than that, the story was good, and I hope to see you writing more stories similar or different than this in the future… . Good luck, and have a great day/night! Peace… .

sprinkling on glitter slathering some glue across the item

I think you forgot an “and” between “glitter” and “slathering”

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