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Yes I ship Hitch with everypony under the sun, how could you tell?


Hitch Trailblazer, a strong figure in the town of Maretime Bay. He's arguably one of the biggest figures there and an instrumental part in keeping the balance! He's admired and he does quite a good job at his duties. But when a certain stallion catches a cold, a few ponies are gonna have to step up in order to make up for Hitch being out of the picture! ((Hitch x Pipp!))

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Well this is a pretty interesting story so far so it looks like hitch is a little sick after hearing what pipp said and everybody had plans well sort of they had to put them on hold just to help hitch out and that's pretty awesome of them to do that while he's under the weather and pipp is a little bit nervous about being with hitch I wonder why it's not because he's sick but I'm sure there's something going on

Pipp tapped away on her phone, informing Sunny and Zipp that Hitch was resting in bed, she'd text Izzy but the Unicorn didn't have a phone of her own. She trotted towards the kitchen, now she just had to learn how to cook. She wanted to make some soup for the sickly stallion but she hadn't cooked a thing a day in her life. In fact, the only one in her family who knew how to cook or bake was Zipp! She called culinary a second science or whatever. Regardless she really did make some nice meals. Pipp stared at her phone for a couple of seconds, staring at the recipe for some hay and noodle soup- though… "GAH! This is way too complicated! Forget this, I know who to call!"

Ghostbusters!!! Lol just kidding I mean it's not that hard to cook chicken noodle but I guess it depends what kind you're making so that's a different story

"Don't you dare! Last time you almost burned down the kitchen when you tried to make something!"


Lol like will from fresh prince of bel air

This went on for a couple of seconds, however soon enough Pipp began to listen intently to what Hitch was humming to himself. It only took her a couple of seconds before she realized just exactly what he was humming to himself. "Wait… Isn't that… my song?" She asked the stallion curiously, just as she began washing the shampoo out from his hair.

Whoa that was something and I got to admit one thing it was pretty cute so it looks like pipp is still trying to figure out how to take care of him despite that he tried to go out that saying he's okay but not really but then the most unexpected few hours happen he was in the bathtub and then she tried to see if he's okay but then accidentally fell in and apparently her heart is about to explode how much she's in the situation and somehow hitch doesn't even realize what the heck is going on and she was about to kiss him and tell her friends came here like I said it was something

Sunny, who hadn't said a word up to this point since she got here, stood up from her seat. "Well… I guess that's all it is. But Pipp… can we talk a bit tomorrow?" Sunny asked the Pegasus at the other end of the table. Pipp gulped but nodded a yes. Sunny smiled softly before trotting towards the door, leaving Zipp as the last one to say goodbye.

I really hope it doesn't damage their friendship

Is there a reason why most of the story is in italics?

Well then that could have been better 😅 so she tried to explain about this whole situation with her and hitch zipp was kind of surprise Izzy doesn't know what's going on but Sunny has some mixed feelings but they decide to drop it for now so pipp lead hitch to bad and she was about to leave but apparently hitch grabbed her and basically hugged her she was kind of frustrated but yet at the same time she was actually pretty happy the next day looks like he was starting to feel a lot better but unfortunately for pipp she got sick and that is why you don't be in the same room with somebody who are sick the germs travel but anyway this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work

I usually use italics when I roleplay, that translates here whenever someone isn't speaking.

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This has to be the most beautiful Gen 5 fic ive seen ever.

I find it really hard to read this when it's in italics like this. Was it a stylistic choice?

Thank you, Thank you, I'll be here all week... maybe.

:rainbowderp: I guess Sunny didn’t realize that she didn’t just bring friendship to the 3 tribes but also romance.

Oh we aren’t getting the chapter with Pipp and Sunny talk?

I planned that for a sequel fanfic, I haven't started yet or anything but since this fanfic is doing do well I might release it once this one gets 1,000 views, or until I'm done my other stories lmao

So we’re getting a sequel fanfic

Oh woow, this is so fun to read!

still waiting for a sequel...

Wonderful :twilightsmile:

Gotta say that you kinda predicted the future episode of Tell Your Tale. The only difference is that Pipp got sick instead of Hitch.

This. Needs. More. MOAAR!

I'm not sure if you got the answer or not. But, it's in a way a stylistic choice. The other way is that it helps differentiate between spoken and unspoken lines. Typically used by Roleplayers. Some use italics, others use bold. While some use both at the same time, sometimes to differentiate between certain types of unspoken words.

Are u a pitch fan? :)

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