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Heading to BronyCon · 5:28am Jul 31st, 2019

Alright, dudes and dudettes, if anyone be listenin...

As the title said above, I'll be at the final BronyCon this year with two other buddies of mine.

One of them, some of you may know from years past, TheHylianJuggalo himself, and guess what? He'll be in his Jadusable outfit that he was wearing for most of his story. If you haven't checked it out yet, freakin' do it, dude. It's fantastic.

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Yes, it was me (Tusk) the DM of Zap...The player who plays smol mares.

Oh, neat. Really cool to hear that people outside my circle are recommending it to others.

Hmm- Bug sounds vaguely familiar? Feel like I've seen that name before as a DM in the My Little Tabletop Discord, but maybe not.

But nah- He's a DM I found in the MLT Discord a couple years ago. Goes by Tusk.

Sweet. Is your GM Bug by any chance? If not, then ignore this

Bruhh- That's some whacky odds, lmao.


And sure thing! My FOE D&D DM linked me your story during our last session, and it sounded pretty snazzy, so I'll be checkin' that out next.

  • Viewing 71 - 75 of 75
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