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A saga of Sonic the Hedgehog characters living in G5 Equestria.


This story is a sequel to Sonic The Hedgehog x My Little Pony: Make Your Mark - Season 2

After his last plan failed, Dr. Eggman discovers an ancient technology on the Starfall Islands and installs his AI program Sage to hack in and take over. But there is more to this technology than he realizes, and unintended consequences immediately come to bear. Meanwhile, Sonic finds himself all alone on one of said islands, after flying into a wormhole with Tails, Zipp and Sunny. Now, separated from his friends, he has nothing but an AI voice guiding him to collect the Chaos Emeralds, not knowing that darker forces are behind him and his powers.

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Okay, awesome prologue of the first froniter story!! And wow, knuckles, Hitch, Pipp, Izzy and even Sparky got sent to that island and now they are digitize, wow, things are about to get interesting and fun, awesome start!

Awesome, sonic, tails, sunny and Zipp got sent into cyberspace but sonic made it out and now going through some challenges and getting new powerups across the islands while finding his friends and traveling through cyberspace, and now he found sunny, awesome job on this chapter, keep up the great work


Time to begin the new adventure. And we start with the rest of the gang also being dragged along and sent to the digital world.

I was wondering if they’d also get involved somehow. Question now is how do they find Sonic and the others and get back to being flesh and bones?

Okay, so Sonic has escaped being trapped in Cyber Space, and now it seems has to find these artifacts that’ll allow him to find his friends.

Curious to see how this all goes.

Okay. So we have everyone from the OG cast up to Season 2 in the Starfall Islands.

I guess that means we'll have two on each island. I wonder if the remaining friend will be in Ouranos Island?


Forgot to check the Prologue! :twilightoops:

Now that I have, I don't really blame Knuckles. If we're being honest, any of them could had activated the portal. Knuckles is being too harsh with himself.

So if all but Misty, Amy, & Team Dark are there, that means Sonic has 8 friends that he has to save. Huh, that is ironic with that being almost the same number of the chaos emeralds. And I do mean almost cause of including Sparky.

So if we take that in perspective, that would mean Sonic has two friends to rescue on each island. But question is, who will be on that first island with Sunny that is trapped?

saving timeline to archives

Great chapter, and wow, Sonic freed Sunny and found clues that Eggman was here and found an MP3 with information Eggman left and looks like Sonic met sage and got his butt kicked by the titans and now need the chaos emeralds while found Hitch and his animal crew, and wow things got a whole lot more interest, awesome job, keep up the great work

Well, that’s Sunny and Hitch freed. Sort of.

Hopefully they can figure out how to get to the other islands soon.

best chapter ever man👏👏👏👏👏👏🏻

Oh! So Sunny and Hitch are here, huh? I like that!

Can't wait to see how the battle against Giganto unleashes! Although I think I might have to wait until Friday to find out about that. Other than that, loved this chapter!

You said chapter 5 might be your final chapter, but at least see what Chapter 6 has to offer before you make a final decision, just a suggestion.

Welp, F in the chat for Knuckles and everyone that got dragged to the Starfall Islands.

Hopefully no one will have hard feeling against him for the mistake.

Awesome, and wow the love quest for the Koco is great and heartfelt and they are still trying to find their friends and the chaos emeralds while Eggman is still in Cyber Space while Sage been keeping tabs, and her annoyed personality, as they reunited the two kocos before the end as they entered teh after life, great and beautiful chapter there, keep up the great work

Sonic’s two weaknesses, besides water, cute animals and side quests that you need to complete to get 100%.

Also seeing what happened to those Koco has got to be scaring for our pony friends. Even if they have dealt with death before in Argyle.

Also, Sage says she doesn’t understand love. But what she said at the end there seems to suggest otherwise.

Which MLP Make Your Mark Chapter 5's episode doesn't you use? "Cutie Blossom Bash"?

Nope. Won't tell until Season 3 is out.

OK, first titan down.

Onto the next island where hoepfully we’ll find Knuckles, Izzy, and maybe Pipp

Awesome chapter, and wow Sonic beat the first titan, but Sunny, Hitch and his critters and Sparky are still trap in Cyberspace, and three move titans to deal with, which Sonic flew off to the next isalnd, he desert one at that too, this was great, looking forward to the next one, keep up the great work

One titan bot Down and saved sunny and hitch
2 titans left and Friends left tails, zipp, pipp, Izzy, knuckles

Holy crap! I forgot how good the songs against the Titans are!

Now let's see who we are rescuing besides Knuckles in the next island. My guess is that Izzy will be the one.

I'm hanging on to the other side I won't give up 'til the end of me

One of the best Sonic songs imo

And now we go to Ares Island. Can't wait to see what awaits there!

I'm hanging on to the other side I won't give up 'til the end of me


It's time to face your fear 'Cause when your time has come and gone I'll be the one to carry on (carry on)


Awesome chapter, and wow Kronos Island is now up and looks like Sonic freed knuckles, which they encountered Sage before Knuckles defend Sonic and they search for Izzy and freed her as she and Knuckles shared a loving moment while Sonic absorb more cyber energy and they are searching more clues on what Eggman been up to and the origin of the islands while searching for the chaos emeralds again, awesome job, keep up the great work

Okay, not too much to say here. Probably cause I’m not an expert on this game still, so I’ll see what happens Tuesday.

Interesting lore we’re getting.

Sorry, don’t know what else to say.

Great chapter, and looks like the three found out more about the past and realizes more of Sonic's ancestor and a special kid, I wonder who that could be, this should be intersting and the three had their moments and protected the kocos from the tower, and looks like they found out more on Eggman's plan and Sage was keeping an eye on them while learning more, awesome job, keep up the great work

Is fine. If anything, I feel you'll have one thing or two to say in the next Island, specially because of what Sonic's going through on said island.

I mean, that is the island with two of my favorite characters, so that could be proven wrong

Great chapter, finding out more on Eggman and discovering more on the islands and the ruins and finding out more of their pass, emotional bonding and going down trip by memory lane and learning more about the past, awesome job, keep up the great work

I feel bad for Knuckles.

He's one of my favorite characters, and seeing him miss his home so much brakes my heart. :raritycry:

Great chapter, now the desert isalnd and the titan is now defeated, it's now to go onto the volcanic one, and find Tails, and maybe Zipp as well, if I had to guess, Misty might be on the last island or on the the ones with the towers, anyway, great job, keep up the great work

That's a pity on The Final Horizon, but at least I can understand where you're coming from. I, at least, thought of The End returning, but having traveled to Mobius with the power of the Emeralds (which Sonic unwittingly gave to it in the final blow in the main story) in the absolute final story of this series (whenever that may be, to be honest), and then adapting the events of the update somewhat into that story to make it all work without having to rewrite any stories that came before the final story, but if not, that's fine. It's just my suggestion, that's all. Either way, like I said, I can understand the reason you can't do it, though the option may somehow be available in the future. Just saying for that last part.

Are you gonna do 10 chapters and an epilogue, like you normally do with your stories?

... I literally wrote on the author's note we're half way on the story. Whatcha think?

Okay, I just figured it out. Well, that answers that.

Another banger song!

Is a bit of a shame that we won't see the DLC, but maybe it is for the best. Can't wait to see what awaits on Chaos Island!


So, will be there 16 chapters + epilogue?

Okay, everyone’s been semi-freed.

I’ll say this is the part of the story I am interested in the most. Not just because it has my favorite ponies, but also because I’m curious how Tails’ arc here will connect with season 3 given he’s going to be the main focus of that story.

Great, now tails Zipp and Pipp are freed, but sonic cyber corruption is getting worse, but he kept pressing on while Sage watched, and sonic is encourage and determined to succeed and try and keep remembering his past for his friends and Pipp, awesome job on this chapter keep up the great work

I honestly hope that those aspects from The Final Horizon that you mentioned will be in there.

Speaking of which, you should check out this video:

Sonic Frontiers The Final Horizon: All Character Dialogues

I 100% the DLC on Saturday. I already know the entire dialogues and how much it expands the lore for the game. Yet I don't think I'll ever add all of that into my story, simply because I don't know how to.

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