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I'm a Sonic fan who lives and loves Sonic X, Need For Speed, Trains, Pokémon, and Hot Wheels including Rainbow Dash and Shining Armor because some how they remind me of certain blue hero Hedgehog.

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I got Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered · 12:40am March 2nd

Yesterday I finally got the remastered version of my favorite game of 2010 Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for Switch! Now I can go on Autolog and compeate with other Switch players, Xbox Players, Playstation Players, and PC Players that have the game. If you have the game too then you better watch my name because I'm out there testing my skills. Will you accept my challenge?

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Thanks for the favorite

Well yeah, but this story takes place after Sonic Unleashed and its got a surprises in store. All the other stories I'm not quitting on them.


The Sonic Unleashed Story with Sonic's "Werehog" Form is cool and all.

What about the others? Like your Hot Wheels: Accleracers, Sonic Heroes 2, Sonic X Season 4, Need for Speed Crossover, etc?

Because, those stories are my favourites, and are still not updated sadly.

I am. And there is gonna be a Sonic Unleashed Story the first two chapters are almost finished.

  • Viewing 557 - 561 of 561
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