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I'm a Sonic fan who lives and loves Sonic X, Need For Speed, Trains, Pokémon, and Hot Wheels including Rainbow Dash and Shining Armor because some how they remind me of certain blue hero Hedgehog.

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A NYC Hudson of the 21st Century Locomotive Charaters · 7:38pm August 19th

Here's something for you railfans of the site would like I'm working on MLPEQG/Thomas & Friends crossover story that has both worlds in one universe. In this story all class 1 Railroads have steam fleets including CSX, CN, KCS, and CP. All the engines will be engines that survived and still running today or scraped. Here's the list. Enjoy.

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We need more sonic stories like these Idc
What Haters say, keep doing a GOOD JOB 👍

Thanks for adding Goku vs Tirek to your favs. :pinkiehappy:

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