• Published 22nd Aug 2022
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Sonic The Hedgehog x My Little Pony: A New Generation - BronySonicFan

Sonic activates an unfinished machine from Eggman, and ends up on a land of colorful talking ponies. Now, he's going to need to find his way back, while he helps some new friends to restore the magic.

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4. Crashing the Pegasi Party!

"All right then, princess," Sonic said jokingly. "What's the game plan here?"

"Everypony who's anypony will be there, so security will be tight. I'll distract them so you can sneak in," Zipp explained.

"Maximum sneaky," Izzy stated.

"Pro sneaky," Sonic boasted.

"Exactly," Zipp nodded. "Then, make your way to the Grand Hall, but watch out for the guards."

"Sounds good, what's next?" Sonic asked. "We just enter like that or...?"

"I'll open the door to the backstage of the Throne Room," Zipp explained while whipping out a map. "Here, this map should help you so you don't get lost."

"Alright!" Izzy cheered.

"Thank-a you so much!" Sonic said, taking the map.

"And once Pipp starts singing, my mom will be so caught up that swapping the crowns will be easy-breezy."

"Easy-breezy," Sunny repeated, though she sounded doubtful. "Sure..."

"Any questions?" Zipp asked.

"Just one," Sonic said, raising a finger. "Are you okay with robbing your mom?"

"Whatever it takes to return magic to Equestria, I'll do it," Zipp replied.

"Alright..." Sonic said, thinking about the plan a little further. "Yeah, pretty neat. Alright, girls, sounds like we have a crown to steal!"

The group cheered and walked back to the platform where they entered earlier. But Sonic stood in place and looked at the empty slot between the pegasus and the unicorn. He walked over to the edge to see the world beyond Zephyr Heights, and he couldn't help but smile as he inhaled the fresh air blowing through the window.

But as he looked around Zephyr Heights, he couldn't help but think about Pipp and how comfortable she was with living a lie without thinking about how others felt. He growled too loud this time, and the three mares turned towards Sonic. They looked at each other for a moment, and Zipp waved them off.

"You guys go to the platform; I'll be back with our hedgehog friend," Zipp said. Sunny and Izzy nodded, still worried about Sonic, and Zipp galloped over to him. She stopped by his side to see his eyes glazed over, frowning as he crossed his arms and furiously tapped his foot. "Hey, buddy, everything okay?"

"I'd be lying if I said yes," Sonic sighed and looked up at the window with the pink star again. "I can't stand people who like to live in ways that negatively affect others and don't care about it. No offense, but your sister seems to be that kind of... pony, in this case."

Zipp's response was… a little defensive. "What's wrong with my sister?!"

"She seems pretty okay with lying about being able to fly. She doesn't seem to care how everyone else would feel if they ever found out," Sonic explained, surprising Zipp. "If she keeps this up, she'll never know how others feel when things aren't fair."

"Mind to specify a little, partner?" Zipp asked.

Sonic wistfully stares across the landscape for a moment, then sighs. "Where I come from, there's this evil doctor who's always planning to take over the world at least twice a week. When I was younger, I enjoyed it! It gave me excitement and something to fight for, but..." he paused and looked at Zipp. "His last scheme almost succeeded. He took over the world for six months and kept me captive in a dungeon, which was an actual dungeon, not a hotel room with cell bars. No offense."

"None taken."

"After kicking his ass again, I realized the days where the worst he could do was kidnap animals and use them as power sources for his robots were long gone." He finished. "Many times has life not been fair to me, yet I always find a way to make it through. Now, here I am, fighting alongside three ponies to make another world a better place. It's just... Pipp takes her peaceful life for granted and doesn't have a second thought about what could happen if something goes wrong. I know it shouldn't bother me, but... I can't help but feel she needs a second chance to redeem herself."

"I think I got what you're trying to say..." Zipp slowly nodded, thinking carefully about what to say next. "My sister is… a complicated matter. She wants to feel loved and important since she won't become the next queen of Z.H. I think that's kinda my fault, but also my mom's. She's treated her like a perfect doll mare, and eventually, Pipp went along with it. Maybe she feels too comfortable with lying because she's done it all her life, and she's numb to it."

"Well, I'll be glad to be there if she ever changes her mind," Sonic said, finally smiling.

"Me too," Zipp assured, smiling back. She gestures back to Sunny and Izzy, waiting by the lift. "Anyway, I think we have a heist to pull off."

"Now, that's something I can't wait to do. Let's rock'n roll!" Sonic exclaimed, but before he moved, he placed a hand on the pegasus' shoulder. "Oh, and Zipp... thanks for listening. I really needed to get that out of my system."

"Anytime, Sonic," Zipp said, chuckling as she shoulder-checks the hedgehog and gallops away. Sonic smirks, and he follows the pegasus to where Sunny and Izzy wait. Once Sonic hops on, Zipp pulls the lever up, and the platform rises to the ceiling.

'I hope Pipp changes how she acts soon,' Sonic thinks as the lift stops. 'Because one way or another, she'll eventually learn what unfair means...'

A few hours later, the concert was about to start, and it was time to take action.

The squad was in the elevator, waiting to reach the top and talking to each other. Sonic, however, was thinking about something unrelated to the plan, something he hadn't thought about when he first arrived.

'The Chaos Emeralds... where are they?' He asked himself. 'The portal pulled them in, but I didn't see them anywhere. Did they even end up in this world? Maybe they did, just in a place I haven't reached yet. But even if they are in Equestria, they're completely drained, so they'd be useless. Guess I'm not going home anytime soon...' He looked back at the group, still talking and laughing. 'But that's not so bad. I have friends here, so at least I won't be alone.'

"We're almost there," Zipp announced, bringing Sonic out of his thoughts. "Are you guys ready?"

"Yeah!" Sunny and Izzy yelled excitedly.

"I was born ready!" Sonic exclaimed with a confident smile, then looked at Zipp. "You know, you'd be a great team leader."

"Yeah, I've heard that a lot, but I'd rather take orders from somepony else," She replied with a smile. As the elevator reached the top, the doors opened, and Zipp was the first to leave. The others followed a few seconds later, keeping a safe distance from the princess in case she ran into anypony.

"Now, this is where the fun begins!" Sonic whispered excitedly.

"I just hope everything works..." Sunny whispered to herself, watching as Zipp approached a large set of double doors.

They opened, allowing Zipp to walk in before a bunch of other pegasi started asking Zipp questions. She ignored them and smirked, glancing behind her.

Sunny, Izzy and Sonic poked their heads out and looked everywhere to ensure it was safe to sneak across. With nopony in sight, they ran to the right and climbed on top of a statue. They looked down to see some guards, then slid down behind a hedge and peeked around the corner to see Zipp walk inside. They passed the guards to the Grand Hall and spotted two more guards standing by with one of them on their phone.

They used a concession table to sneak past them, and as Zipp opened the door to the backstage of the throne room, the trio entered without being spotted. Once behind the throne, they looked around the corner and noticed a lot of pegasi milling about the room, making Sunny and Izzy nervous. Seeing their nervousness, Sonic decided to try and lighten up the mood.

"Well, everything is working out so far," He said confidently. "Let's hope that everything else will work out as well."

"Now we just gotta get that crown, and we're home free!" Izzy exclaimed, making Sunny and Sonic shush her.

"I know this is exciting, Izzy, but let's stay quiet while we wait for the show to start..." Sunny asked, and the unicorn nodded.

As they waited, Sonic couldn't help but look around the place and admire it. 'I know I said it before, but I'm still impressed with how good these 'royals' managed to make this place,' He thought. 'Rouge would die of jealousy just from how well this palace is put together.'

His thoughts were interrupted when he saw, on the room's balcony, Haven talking with Zipp, then yelling at her. Of course, he didn't know what they were talking about since he was too far from them, but he could tell Zipp was trying to convince her mother to let them go, which didn't go well. Then he saw Pipp hanging from her wires with a big smile. Sonic growled quietly, but Sunny and Izzy heard him.

"Sonic, be honest. Are you okay?" Sunny asked, a little tired that her friend kept growling and didn't say anything. "Ever since we got to that abandoned station, you've been growling and growling, but you haven't said a word about it."

"We can help, you know," Izzy added, putting a hoof on Sonic's shoulder. "Whatever is bothering you, we can try and cheer you up."

Sonic looked between the two mares, and seeing the reassuring smiles their faces held made him sigh.

"...let's just say I'm a bit mad at Pipp. That smile she puts on while living a lie... bothers me. Zipp already told me why she's probably like this, yet..." He confessed, but he shook his head. The hedgehog looked at them and smiled. "But let's not think about that, okay? It's just a thought; it'll eventually go away."

The room is plunged into darkness as the lights are killed, and the trio looks up to see Queen Haven and Zipp 'flying' down to sit on their respective thrones. Zipp turned to see her friends hiding behind her mom's throne; Sunny and Izzy nodded at her while Sonic smirked with his thumbs up. Zipp nodded and returned her sight to the front before Pipp finally arrived to start her performance.

We got the light
We're coming in stronger
We're in it together
If you want it it's all inside your mind

Pipp 'flew' around the room, and the pegasi watched in awe as the princess sang.

We got the light
We won't wait any longer
We'll get it together
If you want, you can paint the sky

Meanwhile, the trio had stacked on top of each other behind the throne. Sonic was at the bottom, holding Izzy on his shoulders while the unicorn supported Sunny as she reached for Queen Haven's crown. To his surprise, the hedgehog found the music catchy and started tapping his foot in time with the beat.

"Damn, I hate to admit it, but this song is pretty good," Sonic muttered while doing his best to keep the mares above him steady. "As mad as I am with Pipp, she's got a great singing voice."

Used to care what they say
Let them into my brain
But I found a new way

Sunny finally swapped the queen's crown with the one Izzy made, and she tapped Izzy's horn. The unicorn looked up to see the crown in Sunny's hoof, and she smiled. She then nodded to Zipp, who'd been watching them out of the corner of her eye, and she nodded. Sunny hops down, and Sonic lets Izzy off his shoulders before they sneak away. They go unnoticed by all except one winged puffball - Cloudpuff.

Every time I fall down
I pick it up like rebound
Gotta get through somehow

The group made their way to one of the exits, but a guard talking on their phone blocked the trio's way. They close the door and start to move for another doorway, but a whimper makes them turn to find Cloudpuff growling at them. Sunny and Izzy scream, but Sonic stares at the puffball with an annoyed look. Sunny and Izzy ran away while Sonic grabbed Cloudpuff and gently grabbed his muzzle.

"Quiet, little buddy. I know you want to protect the queen, but this is also important, I promise," Sonic whispers to the growling dog.

We don't fly like we used to
We take what we've been through
And we can feel brand-new

Sonic kept his hold on Cloudpuff, but he had to let the royal dog go when some guards came his way. He nearly ran the same way Sunny and Izzy went but stopped when he saw Cloudpuff taking off with the crown in his mouth.

I know I am a fighter
I feel the fire
I'm shining brighter

Sonic went after Sunny and Izzy and pointed the runaway dog with the crown, and they doubled back while Hitch burst through the door, only to look up and see Pipp flying.

Glowin up, kind of love
Dip and slide through the cut
Glowin' up, kind of love
We say 'Hi', you say 'What?'

Hitch's flank involuntarily shook to the song, but he shook his head and focused on catching Sunny. In the meantime, the trio chased after Cloudpuff, but they had to hide behind a wall as some guards moved in front of them.

Everywhere that I've been
Yeah, they say I'm different
But I'm good in my skin

As Cloudpuff ran up to the throne, Zipp gasped and went to intercept the dog. "Give it to me!" She hissed, grabbing the crown. She pulled against the dog, but the crystal popped out of the crown. Cloudpuff took off into the croud with it, and Zipp gave chase.

If it doesn't feel right
Break it in with tie-dye
And don't you stop 'til sunrise

We don't fly like we used to
We take what we've been through
And we can feel brand-new

The group, on the other hand, looked to Zipp, but then they saw Hitch, who looked at them with a smirk and started heading over. The trio backed up behind some curtains and took a breather. They noticed a light behind them and turned to see a Pegasus near a control panel, and he sharply gasped when he saw them.

"Ah! It's the prisoners!" He exclaimed and ran away from Sunny and Izzy, while Sonic approached the control panel.

…I'm shining brighter

We got the light
We're coming in stronger
We're in it together…

Cloudpuff was still running away with the crystal with Zipp in tow, but she ended up getting blocked by another pegasus. Cloudpuff, not looking where he was going, ran into somepony's leg and dropped the crystal. He looked up to see Hitch, who looked down in confusion to see an adorable little face staring back at him.

Behind the curtains, Sunny and Izzy had managed to corner the pegasus and tried calming him down while Sonic looked at the control panel.

"Alright, Sonic, think," He said to himself. "I need to create a distraction, and this control panel's gonna help me. I just need to figure out how it works..."

He pressed a random button, and the lights in the throne room flickered on and off, confusing everyone.

"What the…?" Pipp muttered to herself.

With a loud clank, a light beamed down onto Hitch, and he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked around to see all eyes were on him and, in a moment of genius, attempted to sing Pipp's song. The results were… interesting, to say the least.

Throwing up, find a glove, fly around, Bup-bup-bup,
Doing stuff that I love
You're like, 'Why?' I'm like, 'What?'

Sunny, Izzy, and the Pegasus they cornered looked at the screen confused, and Sonic struggled to hold his laughter.

Pipp continued to stare in confusion. "What is happening?"

Crisp and dry, eat some mud
Flowing up, lovey dove…

Hitch continued to sing, and Cloudpuff joined in with him, his howling making the already abysmal performance even worse.

"Okay, that's not helping. Gotta try something else," Sonic said, taking a deep breath to calm down. He spotted a lever nearby, and he grabbed it. "I wonder what this thing does..."

Pulling the lever, he heard Pipp scream, and he looked over to see her flying all over the place out of control. Hitch stopped his caterwauling and looked up in shock, as did the Pegasi, while Zipp took this as an opportunity to pick up the crystal and make her way toward the others.

Sunny and Izzy watched as well, feeling bad for the pegasus, but Sonic kind of enjoyed Pipp's peril.

"I know I shouldn't feel good over this, but she kinda deserves it. Heck, I am teaching her a life-changing lesson after all..." He said out loud. "Anyway, this was fun and all, but I think we should get our butts out of here."

Sunny and Izzy nodded, and they ran towards the exit when Zipp came running towards them.

"I got it!" Zipp exclaimed while Sunny grabbed the crystal and put it in her saddlebag.

"Great, now let's get the hell outta here!" Sonic exclaimed. They began making their way out when they heard a voice.

"Freeze!" They look over to see Hitch standing there, and a few more pairs of eyes land on the group.

"It's the prisoners!" A pegasus blurted. Unfortunate timing, as Pipp knocks Hitch's fake wings off, making everyone gasp.

"Another earth pony!" Yelled another pegasus, and Hitch quickly ran out of sight.

Pipp zoomed around uncontrollably before finally stopping, tangled in her wires and hanging upside down. What made it worse was when all the spotlights landed on her, and the whole room gasped.

"She's a fake!" One exclaimed.

"Fake!" Another yelled, and the room lit up with the flash of cameras taking photos. Pipp could only look around in terror as her public image shattered.

Zipp looked back at her sister, conflicting with what she should do now. Help her sister and risk the crowd's rage? Or leave and restore magic and finally fly?

"Zipp?" Pipp said loud enough for her sister to hear, but before Zipp could make a decision, Sunny bumped into her.

"Zipp, hurry!" Sunny exclaimed with worry as she dashed out the door. Zipp took one last look at Pipp before running off. But, neither she nor Sunny had noticed the Pegasus Crystal had fallen out when the earth pony bumped into Zipp, but luckily for them, someone else did.

"Hey guys, you dropped this!" Sonic exclaims, picking the Crystal up and calling out to his friends. Unfortunately, the group had already left and didn't hear his cry. Sonic looked at the crystal, shrugged, and put it in his quills. He was about to run and catch up with the group, but he heard somepony complaining and looked up. He saw Pipp trying to untangle herself from the wires holding her with a sad and defeated look.

Now, Sonic had two choices: He could leave her hanging in the spotlight, or he could save her and her mother. The hedgehog was still upset with Haven and Pipp for lying to their citizens, but they were already paying the consequences.

'I think they already got what they deserved,' He thought, glancing at the door one last time before looking back at Pipp and smiling. He wasn't happy with how Pipp acted with her life, but for Sonic, anyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they've done.

He ran up a wall and stopped, charged up a Spindash, and lunged at Pipp. He cut through the wires holding her up, then bounced off the opposite wall and caught the falling princess before sliding to a stop in front of Haven and setting Pipp down.

Everyone in the room was caught off guard, including Pipp and Queen Haven, who stared in shock at the blue hedgehog standing before them. He was about to say something, but the pegasi started yelling and moving toward the royals. The three of them looked at the crowd in fear and started backing away from them, and Sonic tried to think of what to do now.

"Great, I'm out of ideas," He said out loud, then looked at Haven and Pipp. "Well, if you have something to say, say it now..."

The crowd was getting closer, and they all began to look in every direction, searching for a way to get out. Pipp looked up, and she gasped. Haven and Sonic heard her, looked to Pipp, and then looked at what she was staring at. When they saw the open window, Haven gasped as Sonic smiled and a plan formed in his mind.

"I think I know how to get you two out of here, although I'm pretty sure none of you will like what I'm going to do," He said, and Haven and Pipp stared at him with a frown and disbelief.

"Are you out of your mind?!" Pipp angrily exclaimed. "You caused this in the first place!"

"You must have lost all sense if you think we will accept your help!" Haven stated, but Sonic wasn't planning on leaving them behind.

"Look, I hate this idea as much as you do, your majesties, I really do, but like it or not, I'm the only exit you have," He explained, then pointed to the angry crowd. "Besides, it is not like you have another choice. So, what do you say? Wanna get out of here or not?"

Haven and Pipp looked at each other, still not trusting Sonic, but they knew he was right. Haven let out a defeated sigh and looked at Sonic with determination.

"Listen, hedgehog, sir..." Haven was about to ask something, but Sonic interrupted her.

"Okay, first of all, thanks for finally calling me the right species, and second, I'm not that old to be called sir, so... just call me Sonic."

"...Listen, Sonic..." Haven said, a little annoyed. "I still don't trust you, but it seems you are willing to help us, so I'm going to ask you for one thing: Please, get Pipp out of here and keep her safe, at least until things calm down here."

"What?!" Sonic and Pipp yelled.

"Mom, what are you talking about?!" Pipp worriedly exclaimed.

"Ma'am, I'm not leaving this place without you," He stated. "I stayed back to get you and your daughter to safety, and that's exactly what I'm going to do!"

"Sonic, please," Haven begged. "I can hold them back while you and Pipp escape."

"But ma'am..." Sonic tried to retort, but Haven cut him off.

"I'm asking you this as a mother, not as a queen. Just... please, keep her safe."

Sonic looked at Haven, Pipp, and then the crowd. They were almost surrounding them, and if he didn't move now, he and the royals would be in big trouble. He sighed and looked at Haven.

"Your majesty..." Sonic said. "I'll keep your daughter safe; you have my word, and I always keep my word. Always."

Haven smiled at him and looked back at the crowd with a frown. Sonic looked over at Pipp, and he picked her up bridal style, making her feel uncomfortable.

"Like I said before, you're not going to like this..." He warned her, then looked back at the open window in the ceiling. "Now hang your hooves on my back, or… whatever you can, I don't know. Damn, I'm starting to run out of jokes..."

His legs spun in place before he boosted around the walls of the whole Throne Room, building enough speed before launching himself out the window. Once out, he looked around at the chaos in the streets of Zephyr Heights. Pipp felt her heart breaking, while Sonic felt terrible for the pegasus he held and the pegasi that discovered none of them could fly.

"I mean, I knew they would hate that not even royals can fly, but this seems like a bit much," Sonic said. He shivered as he felt a glare, and he looked to see Pipp frowning at him. "No offense, of course..."

Author's Note:

Again, thanks to Real AllBridge for helping in editing this chapter's mistakes.

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