• Published 22nd Aug 2022
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Sonic The Hedgehog x My Little Pony: A New Generation - BronySonicFan

Sonic activates an unfinished machine from Eggman, and ends up on a land of colorful talking ponies. Now, he's going to need to find his way back, while he helps some new friends to restore the magic.

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2. Escaping the law and traveling to Zephyr Heights

Sunny didn't understand what was happening, but she wouldn't find out by standing there.

"Guys, follow me!" she said while running away and dodging the traps. Izzy happily followed while jumping, and Sonic stayed behind the mares in case somepony decided to go after them. "I've gotta get you out of here!"

"Earth ponies are serious about games," Izzy giggles, running alongside Sunny.

"They're not playing! They're terrified!" Sunny explained, making Izzy gasp.

"Oh no! Of what?"

"You! You're a unicorn! Earth ponies hate unicorns!" Sunny explained.

"Really? That seems a little harsh..." Izzy says sadly.

"Just like I said before..." Sonic said from behind Izzy. "These ponies have lived in fear for far too long, and they treat pegasi and unicorns like monsters."

"Hey!" Sunny exclaims, catching the hedgehog's attention. "Who are you? WHAT are you?"

"Listen now, kid, I know you have tons of questions right now, but let's focus on what matters here, okay?" Sonic answered calmly. "I can disable those traps; I have experience with that. You take Izzy out of here, and I'll catch up with you girls later."

Sonic ran off, ready to destroy the machines and the boxes, but Sunny stopped him.

"Wait!" she called. "Before you go, can I at least know your name?" Sonic looked at her, slightly confused, but he smiled.

"Name's Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!" he answered, immediately running away and getting rid of the splat-a-pults. Sunny saw this as her chance for her and Izzy to escape. While running towards her lighthouse, she couldn't help but notice the high speeds Sonic could reach while destroying the traps. In ten seconds flat, the splat-a-pults were destroyed. Sonic jumped onto the roof of a building and ran after Sunny and Izzy. The ponies dodged more traps on the ground, but once Sunny thought they were safe, she turned to find Izzy walking toward the theatre.

"Ooh, I haven't seen this one yet," she said in a happy tone, but she didn't realize that there was an active trap in front of her, and it sprung up around her. Sonic screeched to a stop, seeing the box where his unicorn friend was trapped. He needed to come up with something quick to rescue her...

Hitch came running around the corner, and when he saw the unicorn trapped, he confidently smiled.

"All right, citizens, calm down. The threat has been neutralized. The unicorn has been captured. You may now cheer."

The ponies did precisely that, cheering for the unicorn's successful capture. Sunny, of course, was planning on setting Izzy free, something Hitch saw.

"Sunny!" he barked, making Sunny flinch, but she kept moving closer to the box. "What are you doing?" Looking at the red button on the side of the container, Sunny reached a hoof towards it.

"Don't even think about it!" Hitch berated. Before Sunny could even touch the button, though, all the other traps were set off by seemingly nothing. Everypony looked around in confusion, and Hitch was starting to panic before his thoughts were interrupted by a new voice...

"Well, those were all the traps!" Sonic said while leaning against Izzy's cage, his arms crossed and a smirk plastered to his face. All the other ponies started to whisper and stare at the hedgehog in fear, but Hitch stood firm.

"Hey! How dare you come into our town, you freak?! Who and what are you?!" Hitch said, slowly walking towards the blue hedgehog. Sonic decided to have a little fun with the sheriff, zipping over to lean against Hitch with one arm on his back.

"Oh, you know. Just a blue hedgehog from another dimension that loves adventure and high speeds," Sonic said, then ran back to Izzy's cage. "By the way, there's this mustache guy back home who has a terrible security system. Yet, somehow, yours is even worse."

Sonic smirked, watching Hitch's reaction turn offended as he smacked the release button with the side of his fist, setting Izzy free.

"So, your name's Sunny?" Izzy asked, having heard Hitch while inside the trap.

"Well, at least we don't have to introduce ourselves anymore," Sonic said with a smile.

Seeing the unicorn was free, the earth ponies screamed and ran in random directions. Using the chaos to their advantage, Sunny guided Izzy and Sonic away.

"Bye!" Izzy called out to the earth ponies, waving a hoof goodbye. "It was nice to meet you all!"

"Yeah, it was fun!" Sonic called out happily. "Hope we do that again sometime!"

"Deputy, to the lighthouse!" Hitch pointed.

"Uh..." Sprout, instead of following the orders of his superior, purposely traps himself in one of the containers. "Oh no, I appear to be trapped."

Hitch lets out an exasperated sigh, rubbing a hoof against his forehead. “You gotta be kidding me..."

Meanwhile, Sunny, Izzy, and Sonic ran to the lighthouse, trying to put some distance between them, Hitch and Sprout. Once they reached the door, Sunny yanked it open for Sonic and Izzy. She runs in herself and slams it shut. Her dad's photo tilts again, but she quickly fixes it before running around the ground floor and closing the shutters and blinds.

After she closed the last one, she looked at both Izzy and Sonic, who stared at her with the same smiles they had been carrying to her home.

"Do earth ponies also like staring contests? Hmmmmmm." Izzy got close to Sunny's face, squinting hard before blinking. "Ah! You win, I blinked!"

Izzy walked off toward a telescope while Sunny was still in shock by what she was seeing. Sonic looked around, too, and he was impressed by how nice the lighthouse was.

"You know, this is a really nice place," Sonic complimented, putting his hands behind his head. "I'd totally live in a place like this if I ever get rid of Eggman once and for all."

Sunny, on the other hand, finally spoke up. "There's a unicorn and blue hedgehog in my house... This is so cool!" she happily exclaimed before everything that happened minutes prior came to her mind. "Oh wait, it's bad. Very, very bad. What have I done?!"

"Hey, it's no big deal," Sonic says calmly, keeping his smile in hopes it would calm the stressed mare. "I'm pretty sure we'll find a solution. Just let the sheriff calm down and put his thoughts in order. Who knows, maybe he'll even help us."

"I highly doubt he's willing to help me after I helped a unicorn to escape..." Sunny worries, but Izzy comes up to her.

"Woah, I've never seen an earth pony before…" Izzy says, looking from herself to Sunny. "We look exactly the same, except for this, of course," She points at her horn.

"Woah! Hey! Careful where you point that thing!" Sunny exclaims, carefully pushing Izzy's horn away.

"Why?" she curiously asks.

"Well... I uh... um... Sorta don't want to get zapped by a wayward laser beam. But of course, you know that already," she chuckles. "You've probably been reading my mind this whole time." Looking at Izzy's horn, a question popped into her mind. "Isn't it supposed to glow, by the way? Or does it happen when you levitate stuff?" Sunny asked.

Izzy nervously chuckled. "Well, actually..."

"Wait! Don't answer that yet. Let me get my notebook!" As Sunny went to grab her notebook, Sonic stretched his arms out.

"Well, as much as I'd love to stay and see what she has to ask, I'm exploring the place a little bit," he said, but before he moved off, he noticed Izzy's confused look. "Let's just say I'm not the kind of guy who likes to stay in the same place for too long."

He ran up the stairs and found himself in what looked like Sunny's room. The bed was a little messy, and there were a few posters with drawings on the walls, like one with a sun and one with a cloud releasing rainbow-colored lightning. On a little shelf were models of six ponies, and the hedgehog came closer to get a better look at them. There was a pink earth pony with puffy hair, an orange earth pony with a hat, a cyan pegasus with rainbow hair, a yellow pegasus with a pink mane, a white unicorn with a purple mane, and finally, what looked to be a mix of both a pegasus and unicorn pony who was lavender in color and had a navy blue mane with pink and purple stripes in it.

'Interesting,' Sonic thought. 'Whoever these ponies are, they must be important if Sunny has a lot of their merch.' Sonic picked up the figure of the lavender pony, amazed by how detailed it looked upon examination. 'Wish the toys they sell of me and my friends back home were this detailed.'

He put the figure back in its place and kept looking around. Sonic looked at pictures of all three pony kinds plastered everywhere on the walls. Some photographs and notes were tacked to a board, as well as a weird map. Sonic was amazed at how these ponies, despite having no fingers, were so advanced to make these items and how they could make things such as traps.

'Heck, if Eggman wasn't a pain in the ass, he could teach these ponies a thing or two on how to make traps or even create more helpful stuff.'

But his thinking was interrupted by an amplified voice that came out of nowhere.

"Sunny Starscout!" The feedback of the megaphone hurts Sonic's ears, and he clamps his hands over them. He looked out the window to find the two stallions from before and ran downstairs to see Sunny worriedly peeking through the blinds.

"Sunny Starscout, I know you're in there with that unicorn and creature! Come out with your hooves up and surrender!"

"Yeah, you're completely surrounded!" Sprout exclaims. Awkward silence follows.

"Will you let me do my job?" Hitch berated before yelling back into the megaphone. "You are under arrest!"

Back inside, Sunny panicked while trying to figure out a plan. "This is bad. How sneaky are you two?"

"Uh, medium sneaky?" Izzy replies.

Sonic, on the other hand? "I can get out without you even noticing."

"I can work with that," Sunny replied happily. "Okay, I'll distract them."

Before she could walk out the door, Sonic ran up and stopped her.

"No, Sunny, I'll distract those two while you and Izzy run out of here as fast as you can."

"Wait, what? No!" Sunny exclaims, her worry for Sonic growing. "They want to arrest you; didn't you hear them?"

"Yes, I did hear them, but trust me on this one, I can make sure those two won't follow us," he assured. Sunny was still unsure about this plan, but after a few seconds, she reluctantly nodded.

Soon, Sonic opened the door and walked out. When Hitch and Sprout saw him, the hedgehog smirked, waiting for one of the stallions to do something. But as neither did, he spoke up.

"You know, for this world's version of the police, I can already tell what you guys are planning," Sonic quipped.

Sprout became terrified of Sonic and grabbed Hitch's face. "He's already reading our minds! Quick, before he fries our brains!"

The red stallion runs off to Maretime Bay, surprising Hitch.

"W-What are you doing?!" He exclaims, and while he focused on Sprout, the sheriff never noticed Sunny and Izzy come out of the lighthouse and run away with Sonic following the two mares out of town.

"Where are you going?!"

"To get reinforcements!"

"We have reinforcements?" Hitch asked, but when he turned around to look at Sonic, the blue blur was gone. "Huh? Oh, come on!"

With the three escapees, Sunny and Izzy talk with each other as they run, while Sonic easily keeps up with the two.

"You don't have any magic?" Sunny pants.

"Nope," Izzy happily replied, making Sunny stop running.

"No magic?" Sunny questioned once more, lost in thought.

Sonic decided to step in and join the conversation. "Well, Izzy told me they did have it, but it just disappeared one day and never came back."

"Everypony thinks the pesky pegasi had something to do with it, but…" Izzy then noticed how tired Sunny looked. "Hey, you look kinda woozy. Are you okay?"

"I am on the run with a unicorn with no magic and a big blue hedgehog with shoes and gloves..."

"I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that..." Sonic says out of nowhere.

"What are we gonna do?" Sunny thought, but while she was trying to think, Izzy came up to her and started sniffing her face. "What are you doing?"

"Um, Izzy? Why are you sniffing Sunny?" Sonic asked, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"You don't smell!" Izzy responded to both of their questions.

"Thanks. Wait, what?" Sunny asked in confusion, while Sonic had no idea what just happened.

"Other unicorns told me that all you earth ponies smelt like rotten sardines, but you don't. Hmm..." Izzy replied.

This made Sunny curious, and she wondered what unicorns thought of ponies like herself. "What else do Unicorns say about Earth ponies?"

"Oh, just that you're lazy and not the brightest crystals in the forest," Izzy responded.

"Charming," Sunny says sarcastically.

"Nope, just those three. So, what's the plan?"

Sonic tried to come up with something until he remembered something else Izzy had mentioned earlier and recently.

"Say, Izzy, didn't you say that the pegasi stole your magic or something?" he asked the unicorn, and she nodded. "Maybe we should visit our pegasi neighbors and see if they can help. Who knows, maybe we'll even make a pegasi friend or two on the way."

Sunny immediately understood where he was going. She agreed while Izzy wasn't entirely on board.

"You're right. Sonic, Izzy, we're going on a quest… to Zephyr Heights!" she declared as she opened her book, revealing a map of Equestria.

Sonic couldn't help but notice that the map in the book and the one back at the lighthouse differed.

'Weird...' he thought, but he backlogs the thought for now. 'Maybe that was a map of another time or even another country. Who knows.'

"Uh, but the pegasi are bad news," Izzy said uncertainly.

Sonic and Sunny looked at her with confidence.

"Izzy, even though I just got here, I can say that we'll never know unless we try," Sonic stated confidently.

"Earth ponies were wrong about unicorns. They could welcome us with open wings." Sunny suggested.

"But what if they don't?" Izzy replied before running up a nearby cliffside and breaking into a song.

Up ahead is a sky growing dark
Where it leads is a big question mark
And I'm scared that I'll end up
A pony gone missing from Pegasus-ing

But you're not alone
You got a pony or two in your crew

I do? Who?

I'm lookin' out for you
When you're off track
I got your back
You can rely on me
I'm lookin' out for you

Back at home, it was Earth ponies first
Heard it so many times, I could burst
And I fought for a change, but it's lonely
'Cause, you know, party of uno

Well, if you need a friendly steed
Like you-know-who

I think I do

Sunny & Izzy:
I'm lookin' out for you
When you're off track
I got your back
You can rely on me

Sonic & Izzy:
I'm lookin' out for you
Lost in the hills
I got the skills

Sunny, Izzy, and Sonic:
Pony, let's get goin'
Get goin', get goin'
I'm lookin' oooooout

I am lookin' out...
...for you!

Before they knew it, the trio stood before a sprawling mountain range, the tips hidden by the bright snow and clouds illuminated by the setting sun. Far in the distance, on the tallest mountain, was Zephyr Heights, the city of Pegasi.

"There it is," Sonic said.

"Yup," Sunny replied. "We just have to walk a little longer, and then we'll be there."

"Great," Sonic said, stretching before laying against a lone tree. "Now, I think we should sleep before we head up there; we have a big day tomorrow, and we'll need all the energy we can get."

"You're right, Sonic," Izzy yawns, the day's activities finally catching up with her. She plops down beside Sonic, and Sunny joins her friends by the roots of the tree.

Before long, the ponies fell fast asleep, but Sonic was still wide awake. Thoughts raced through his mind, and try as he might, the hedgehog couldn't stop thinking about Tails and Knuckles. Sonic could still see the despair and sadness on Tails' face when the hedgehog was pulled through the portal clear as day. He couldn't help but wonder how his brother and friend were doing.

'He's okay, Sonic,' the hedgehog assured himself. 'He's still strong when you're not around. Even if you can't find a way back home, he'll work day and night to bring you back to Mobius... Or that's what I hope.'

Sonic looked over to the slumbering ponies, and a small smile crept onto his face. The past few hours had been hectic, but he'd made two new friends out of it and was going on a new adventure with them. Zephyr Heights loomed in the distance, the lights from the city acting like a beacon, beckoning to the hedgehog.

'Don't worry, Tails,' he thought again. 'I'm gonna help my new friends here in Equestria, and I will find my way back home.'

The hedgehog thought about what could be happening with his best friend as his drowsiness started to take over. Closing his eyes, Sonic soon joined the two mares in the realm of dreams.

The following day, the trio were on their way to Zephyr Heights. While strolling up the mountain path -too slowly for Sonic's liking- they talked to spend time and get to know each other better.

"So, Sonic..." Sunny called out, catching the hedgehog's attention. "How did you stop the splat-a-pults?"

The hedgehog smirked. "I simply took 'em down by disabling those spinning wheels they had. Piece of cake, if you ask me."

Sunny and Izzy were amazed, yet Izzy was a little curious...

"But how'd you know to do that?" she questioned. "You've never seen those things before."

"Well, let's just say I've taken care of things similar to those machines too many times to count. Heck, I could write an entire book with how often I dealt with similar things."

Sunny and Izzy shared a look of disbelief that Sonic could do something so unbelievable yet act so casual. Sunny was about to ask another question, but Izzy beat her to it.

"You know, not to freak you guys out or anything, but you do know that pegasi can steal your luminescence, don't you?" she asked, her voice laced with fear.

Sonic and Sunny exchange confused glances before looking back to the unicorn. "Our lumi-what?"

"Luminescence. You know, your Sparkle!" she stares at them both before replying. "Yours is lavender," she says to Sunny and then faces Sonic. "And yours is... light blue!" Sunny and Sonic were confused and looked at themselves before Izzy kept talking. "And the happier you are, the brighter it shines!"

Before Sunny or Sonic could say anything, they heard something land above them. Sonic went on the defensive, looking around the pass for whatever landed while Sunny and Izzy huddled behind Sonic. Something swooped behind them, making the hedgehog whirl around. It continued from above until rocks fell near them, and the trio ran for it. Looking back, they could see a figure following them.

"Run!" Sonic exclaimed. But before the mares could do that, the path ended abruptly, a sheer rock wall reaching into the clouds.

Without wasting time, Sonic ushered his friends to start climbing before running up himself. After reaching the top, he looked back to see Izzy make it, but Sunny was lagging behind. The mare looked behind her to see the figure still following them, but she was so focused on the figure that she didn't realize she was slipping off the cliff.

"Sunny!" Izzy shouted, and Sonic ran over and grabbed Sunny's hooves before yanking her up to safety.

All three sighed in relief, thinking that it was over. But before they could relax, a pegasus shot out from the clouds. Sunny and Izzy screamed and hugged each other while Sonic rolled his eyes at the mares' reaction and watched the pegasus with a bored expression. The Pegasus did some tricks, climbing up some rocks before landing. She lifted a hoof and flared her wings while looking at them sternly.

"A real Pegasus," Sunny said with awe, her fear suddenly gone.

"Nice landing," Sonic complimented, impressed by the show of acrobatic prowess.

The pegasus' eyes widened as she realized what she was seeing in front of her. "Woah, a unicorn, earth pony, and a hedgehog? Together?!"

"Well, would you look at that? Someone got it right for once," Sonic says with a smirk.

The pegasus stares in shock before smiling herself. "Okay, this day just got a whole lot more interesting."

But hoofsteps approaching the group caught her attention, and upon looking over, she saw two pegasi guards. She jumped toward the cliff edge before looking at the group. "Don't tell them you saw me."

"Yes, ma'am." Sonic quipped, stiffening his body as he held a straightened hand to the side of his forehead. The pegasus chuckles before jumping down the cliff.

"There's no way we could! We don't even know your name!" Izzy yelled, then turned to Sonic and Sunny. "She seems nice."

A scream drew their attention behind them, and they saw the pegasi guards looking at them nervously.

"Thunder, get it together!" the blue one snaps to the quivering green pegasus.

"B-But that's an earth pony!" Thunder stammered in fright.

"They're harmless and have really tiny brains," the blue one reasoned, making Sunny frown. They turned their attention toward Izzy, who gave them a friendly smile.

"What do we do about that?" Thunder asks, pointing a hoof to the unicorn.

"Well, did you bring the shield?"

"What shield?"

The blue Pegasus stared at her partner, dumbfounded. "Didn't you read the guard guide?!"

"Yes!… okay, no!" The blue pegasus groans at this.

"Fine, I got this," she sighs, flaring her wings and walking toward them.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait," Sonic says, moving between the approaching pegasus, Sunny and Izzy. "You know, it's kinda weird you're walking towards strangers just like that, so let me ask you a little question… Are you racist or something?"

"What? No! I'm just a guard!" she exclaims, then looks at him with confusion, tilting her head. "What the heck even are you?"

Sonic facepalms. "Aaaand we're right back to square one."

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