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A robotic scientist discovered a very rare crystal that holds immense power and things this could give her redemption for her greatest failure.

She spent months on creating the perfect robot defender of the universe, but creating this robot was a violation in her parole with the Galactic Council. The day they stormed her lab and activated the robot, she had the robot be sent to a planet far from their grasp.

This robot traveled across the universe to a planet filled with ponies, dragons, and magic. He meets the Mane Six and Young Six, and with their help, he'll learn and grow to be a great defender of the universe. He will even defend his new home against an evil robotic Empire that is after his power source. He might even discover something new about himself along the way.

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I'm excited to see where this goes. Would you like me to create any robot characters for this story?

You can give me a hand with it if you like

I will through PM so that there isn't any spoilers.

Yes! 100% yes! I already love this story!

Been trying to find stories that involves robots ending up in Equestria. Not many to be honest but I'm glad to have found a great one with a great start! ^^

Would you like to help me with the rest?

Idk. Depends on what kind of help you are looking for.

Like a Co-Writer. I send you what I wrote and you add on to it in the PM.

Well, i ain't much of writer. Not i don't do some.

Closest thing is doing some rp but sure i could help. Can you explain what MP is? My brain tends to go blank sometimes

Private message. That is what pm stands for

Ah, i apologize for that. Thought it might meant for something else.

You know that robot on the cover art reminds me of this old Cartoon Network show I used to watch…. Robotboy.

You can send me one at anytime

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