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Do you have any sort of need for more OCs? Is your story lacking the creative flare of the OCs itself?? Do you just want more OCs in your story??? Well look no further! Here in 'OCs' we have plenty to spare! Just make a thread wishing for OCs, and you'll get some from out fellow members! Here are the rules-

1) Don't be rude, or mean to other members.
2) You may post one, only one, thread for each story requesting OCs.
3) No author or story discrimination. Everyone is equal here. If anyone sees this please report it to me or any other admins and they will ban them
4) Have fun!

I hope that you have fun in this little group of ours!

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Why aren't anyone answer my Forum?

Is it OK if I make a lot of OC's and write stories about them?

i'm going to create a whole bunch of OCs!!!

359940 :pinkiehappy: Yes, that's one reason why the group is here

Howdy, I'm here :ajsmug:

Can we post a thread offering OCs for stories?

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