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An alien pod with an odd watch inside falls to Equestria from outer space, said watch jumps onto the hoof of a young colt, and now this colt with his new friends at the School of Friendship have amazing Adventures along with his cousin Flash Sentry and the Mane Six as he gets amazing alien powers from this watch.

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Great first chapter of this story, this is gonna be so interesting and looks like the story for Helix, Flash’ cousin, begins, awesome job on this chapter and the story begins for a legend, keep up the great work

Upgrade's in this? I mean... how will he help when there's not a lot of tech for him to absorb into?

Villgax drones and not to mention Upgrade can shoot electric beams from his own eye ball, and not to mention there might be hidden alien tech in equestria if the plumbers exist in this

nice start cant wait for what comes next or for when he faces Vilgax. The crazy fun begins

I used to watch Ben 10 when I was younger and seeing it combined with my little pony I have a feeling this is gonna be a great fic

After reading your first chapter, I will say it's interesting.

This is pretty interesting, especially with the naming scheme of flash's cousin. Helix Watch. A bit obvious, pretty on the nose, but I like it.

At least he won't have a ghostfreak incident.

No, there will be a ghostfreak chapter

Looking forward to reading more :)

I was just thinking about this story, and got the notification that chapter two had been added. This was a great chapter.

Ironically I had a similar idea if Ben 10 took place in Gen 5. The idea was similar to your except that it take place in a time we’re creatures and ponies are integrating. There are still problems with racialism because the events of Gen 5 are recent, it basically has the same plot as the original show except they are on a mission to rediscover lands from Old Equestria.

Thanks but I already am currently working on a story that I had that was on hiatus forever. It is not in the MLP fandom but in the TMNT fandom and my co author and I are trying to finish that story. It was just an idea I had that I forgot about until I stumbled upon this story.

I like how this episode ends. It's still a solemn and more sad end, like the original, but it's more centered around how everyone feels a little at fault, and Helix still has a chance to grow from this experience from here on out.

I also liked how Manny and Helen were introduced, that was pretty cool.

I thought you would give Helix the DNA of the Megawatt

Amazing chapter! And the Incurseans getting added was a nice touch

Ok... wasn't seeing that plot twist with Helix's parents coming! The Season 1 finale is gonna be wild, lemme tell ya!

I thought Helix would unlock Ghostfreak

Not just yet. Just be patient and you'll see

Another chapter done! Great job!

Wonder what will happen next

What's your favorite part about the chapter?

These forever knights are in for a rude awakening. Nice chapter as always.


Helix being saved, and that ending with Enoch on him seeing something familiar with Helix as it leads up to a future chapter

Amazing job! We’re getting close to the finale

Amazing job! Definitely a epic chapter

For next aliens.. maybe Feedback?

Well I thought of either Feedback or Gravattack


Hmmm~ yeah I say Gravattack Is a better replacement because he is someone definitely strong and be great in other fights

Why would you not do Canonbolt his cool end awesome

Because I might end up copying and get this story taken down if I do that

Now, I want to replace Canonbolt with a different alien and I want to know which alien should Helix get next. Please put your answer in the comments below.

You could add an Alien that never been in the Omnitrix, like the Lewodan. Cute but... Can use electromagnetism

Remember how the prince, Tiffin cause Ben to stay has Rath for the entire episode? I looked up and the Baby Lewodan has electromagnetism but can't control it. I mean its how the Little Guy float around.

Oh ho man, I sense the love rivalry

I know right? I thought it'd be a nice touch

Amazing chapter! With that, a new alien has been added to the roster

Will you be adding original aliens in this fanfic?

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