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This story is a sequel to Equestrian Omni-Hero: Destroy All Aliens

A new summer vacation has begun in Equestria as it comes with a new adventure. Now Helix Watch and his team, known as Alien Force, already for the next level as a Omni-Key unlocks a hidden power up within his Omnitrix. With this power up Helix now has new armor, new aliens, new villains, a new world that is literally below Equestria, and a new... Antitrix?!

Looks like Hero Time is about to get even wilder with an old bully from Helix's past around.

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Amazing start to the new book!

Yeah, new upgrade for the Omnitrix & an underground city discovered.

This was a fantastic start to the new book! I'm excited for what's to come.

Comment posted by Blaze-saber deleted May 16th

Amazing chapter! And now, we have the introduction of the Antitrix

And what do you think of the design for the antitrix?

You are a ace because that design is awesome

Awesome, tell me when you think about the design if you don't mind

Amazing chapter my friend!

You’re adding the reboot episodes? Can’t wait for Rarity to be jealous of the old mare who gets Petrosapian crystal necklace

I know right? I really thought that the Weatherheads would fit perfectly in the episode where they met Alan in Ben 10 Alien Force

Eu só espero que não tenha aquele episódio do parque aquático do Ben 10 reboot e que seja mais Alien force

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