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We know about six of the Sacred Swords. But do you know the one called, Mumeiken Kyomu, the Unmarked Sword Nothingness?

Well you and the riders are about to meet it and its wider, Daybreaker.

Let us hope the riders have the power to stop this threat.

This story is between chapters 10 and 11. Please enjoy the story

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All of our world stories must go somewhere, right?

Twilight has been having dreams of her when she was younger with some girl she felt she meat before, in someplace with bubbles floting everywhere.
One day, she, and Flash Sentry was transported to wounder world and face the threat that threatened both worlds.
When a book with a title "Brave Dragon" appeared infront of Flash because of his bravery when he face the monster, so did the sword of flames appeared as well. He knew what he had to do.

He will decide how the story will end!

This the first of a series. Hope that you all enjoy

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