This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls: The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

After the Holiday Adventure, Mikey, Pinkie and Sonata suddenly found themselves transported into a magical world of wonder and adventure, protected by the greatest heroes ever known, the Skylanders! But now the Darkness is closing in, and the Skylanders' home needs the Goofball Trio's help. Will they free Skylands from Darkness? Find out on Equestria Ninja Girls!
Disclaimer: Neither Darth Wrex, nor I own Equestria Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) or Skylanders.

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now this is very new.

you gonna add in the other skylanders??

nice. also don't forget the other skylanders games.

very nice. when you get close to the imaginators game i'll let you use my ideas of skylanders for it.

In PM. Besides, now there may be more than twelve Imaginators.

But still, tell me about your ideas in PM

The Goofball trio having different weapons instead of their originals? Nice change.

It's okay. Wish we had a dedicated editor

Just to let you know, I made an alternative version of the story that expands the lore of the Equestria Ninja Girls universe.

Darth wanted to do it, and honestly, same here.

Well, I guess it would be okay, as long as you don't plagerize my version.

Wow, this should be entertaining.

But is this the remake version or the one where they feature the other dragon, but a female one.

In case you wonder, from the remake version.

Spyro: What, haven't you guys seen a dragon before?
(Don't know his name): You're, a dragon?
Spyro: You got a problem with that, pussycat?

There were many Spyro games that were made over the years. The original three, before they decided to do a remake of it.

Then there's the other one, where there was a dragon like him, but it was female.

That's why I asked, just wondering.

Plus I figured Spike would've been in it, I mean he's a purple dragon too.

Aaaah, what's the matter, what's wrong?

I was surprised! I didn’t expect you to bring that up.

Nothing wrong. Postwarmonkey only brought up Dragon Spike, and it surprised me.

Okay, but why is this on the New Chapter list

It says on the Main Page this had been updated

Sorry, it was an accident. I already unpublished that.

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