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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011



This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls on a Yacht

Join the Ninja Turtles and the Rainbooms, as they cross paths with the famous Carmen Sandiego who discovers a new VILE scheme taking place in New York City. Will the three sides combined efforts be enough to stop this insidious organization or will it lead to a new mutant apocalypse?

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012xEquestriaGirlsxWhereInTheWorldIsCarmenSandiego2019 crossover.

In terms of the Carmen Sandiego show on netflix, this takes place around season 2. If anyone has never watched the new Carmen Sandiego series, you can find it on Netflix. And I would highly recommend you do. Otherwise you won't be able to understand a lot that's going to go down in regards to that series

This takes place after the group vacations on the yacht but before the events of the epilogue play out

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Equestria Girls, MLP:FiM, TMNT, Batman, etc? Now Carmen Sandiego? There ought to be a whole universe of your crossover stories.

It's pretty cool. Wonder how my favorite idea would've work?

:pinkiehappy: things....... are gonna get fun.

i think there is. or how else would you explain steven universe' skylanders' and buzz lightyear?

Oh, this'll be an interesting read. I love the Netflix Carmen Sandiego show.

10294290 And I had to use the opening sequence from Ninja Turtles 3. One of the only good parts of the third movie.

Hey Wildcard, after seeing the drawing Bozzer did of Carmen, I was joking with a friend of mine on a scene. I'm not making a suggestion, I just thought you'd like a laugh. If your not interested, that's.cool. Have a pleasant day.

Okay. Tigress, La Chevre, and El Topo are searching through the sewers. Then, they turn around as see Leatherhead. Leatherhead gives a loud roar. Not knowing Leatherhead wouldn't do any Permanent damage, the three run for their lives and climb out a manhole. With El Topo screaming 'Help! Angry Sewer Alligator Monster!'

I thought it was funny. So did TMNTony.

When will u complete the Batman crossover I loved that one jw

Comment posted by Twinzoopony15 deleted Jun 22nd, 2020

I will go with season 5 intro for TMNT

10294932 I went with the first because it had lyrics, while season 5 was mostly music with the guys quotes overlapping some parts

It's a multiversial thing.

I'm really liking how you started this story. Keep up the great work Wildcard XD

I thought Bebop and Rocksteady would be in this story.

You know I cannot resist the obvious reference:

Nice I like theses story's keep up the good work

It's amazing how the ninjas are really lessoning from their pasts.

Let's see how the scarlet thief handles the former techno thief from NYC.

How do you upload YouTube videos onto your story?let me guess.find the YouTube videos website or WWW.Com words that make up the video and use those www words to upload the video on the story?

This is awesome so far, Please continue with this story I'm dying to see what happens next.

Brilliant as always, Wildcard. Uh, if I may be so bold, I was talking with TMNTony. There's a question about your OC, Blade Swipe, and his charge move that got us thinking on something. It's just a headscrather.

10320282 I already talked to TMNTony about it

In my defense, He didn't tell me.

Donatello: our father was really into Renaissance painters
Michelangelo: and he's a rat!
Batman vs tmnt reference

I got be honest, I didn't expect Bebop and Rocksteady to have had direct ties with VILE. At best, I thought they'd only heard rumors of the organization. Well played, Wildcard.

things are gonna get crazy. really crazy.

Seriously, I didn't think Bebop and Rocksteady would've had direct relationship with VILE. You?

i had some small thinking about it. but nothing this big.

i mean Bebop must of learned his skills from somewhere right???

I just assumed a professional taught him.

and where would that be? VILE. big time thief school.

who knows from here. for all we know Kim possible is in this crazy world.

Player: Carmen, you and the ladies keep an eye on Countess Cleo at that fashion show. Leonardo, you and the guys keep an eye on TCRI in case VILE tries to steal the mutagen.

I love to see another mlp carmen sandiego 2019 crossover fanfic!:twilightsmile:

"You like that, huh?" Donnie asked, "I call it the Shellraiser."

Actually Mikey was the one who named it in the episode, 'the pulverizer'

Hmmm... Sounds like things are going to get interesting.

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