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This is a group where everyone can post Alt. Universe stories. The name pretty much says it all.

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Comment posted by Theautisticrebel deleted Feb 12th, 2023

I don't really like the AUs where the characters are switched. That's about it.

I can give you a few ideas that I have in mind, but I need to know a little more about things you like and don't like first.

Hi! I'm so happy to join! Does anyone have any AU ideas I can use??

I accidentally added Empty Horizons by Goldenwing to this group while fiddling around with the add to group button on it. Clicking too fast, I was!

Worth a check if you like alternative, changed future Equestria though!

To anyone in this group who liked the story I posted in this group's collection called "The Author of Breath".

Please consider taking a look at my new blog post!

Hello everyone! :twilightsmile:
I like to write alternite universe fics as much as I like to read them, so I decided to try out this group to see if I can meet standerds. :twilightsheepish:
I hope I can be a great asset to this group!

*squee* Thank you, I hope you all would like to read my stories! :pinkiehappy:

354959 Welcome to the pack! :yay:

*fluttershy's voice* Hello, my name's HeartSayer124.....

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