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Hello Nostalgic Bronies! Thisgroup is for those who miss those good old days of Cartoon Network. You know? The shows that used to be good, before Cartoon Network changed it and made it wrose.

Well, here, in this group, you can make threads about those shows that we all miss and talk about. In fact, you can let off some steam here and get it off your chest of the new CN that now exists.

You can also post any Cartoon Network crossover stories in the main folder.

So, if you're that Nostalgic Brony who miss those good old days of yuor childhood, like me, then join.

Hopefully, one day, the good old Cartoon Network might come back. We can only hope.

From a sad Brony who miss his childhood days,

For nine months I have been gone from this pathetic site...and I also see nothing has changed and verything is quiet here...but no matter, I will still continue work with it. It is a long story as to why I am doing htis right now, however, let's just say do't call me by TheKnight21js anymore, for he is dead and long gone. Just call me Ghost, for that is what I am, a ghost that no cares about and I just felt like letting all who come here to join this group and those who check it out as well...although nothing else has changed for the group though. Although since this group seems to be quiet, I will allow this, you can talk about whatever nostalgic show you like here. It does not matter for it seems to be queit, so enjoy the rest of your time here, for one day I might leave this group.

~The Masked Ghost

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I wasted my life on TV. I lived and breathed Cartoonnetwork. Now I'm focused elsewhere. CN and Nick are alien to me. More alien than Ben10, Magoozi, and The alien week.
Remember? The week with the pink pod aliens looking for cheese and Cheese within a five show TV arc? Good times.:twilightblush:

The Powerpuff Girls were life back then.
Good times, good times.

Is Bubbles taken?

*rolls in with mustard gun* AGENT NUMBAH SIX HAS ARRIVED!

327258 yea...I miss it as well. I remember those days, when I used to care for Cartoon Network, but not it's a disgrace a dna mockery to it's fans of the past.

Gratz on 100+ Members.:twilightsmile:

328704 Just to let you know, me and Enderbrony are working on the banner thing, and We he has found a better banner and resized it, and it should be up shortly...hopefully. We're just running into problems...such as trying to post it up. Mostly because there's no URL for it, but it is going to be better then what is

328703 I don't even remember two of them :rainbowlaugh:

328698 there are only so many good banners that actually depict nostalgic cartoon network characters that will fit into the banner area you know.

322824 If this is 'nostalgic' cartoon network, then why is only a third of the banner made up of actually good, 'nostalgic' shows, with other two thirds being something of a disgrace?

I remember when clone wars was good. The animation wasn't good, but it was good enough to make it feel, in a way retro. It's art style was beautiful. The new one is kinda good, but not better then the old one.

I miss the old Teen Titans. The new show is a disgrace.

322470 Yes, I remember those days as well.

I remember when cartoon network put shows of varied styles... like anime and occiedental cartoons...(not racist nor despective to none of the mentioned)

320245 i'm actually surprised by that. although, yea. it does need some work done to it.

the current one is actually watched mainly by 20 year olds. Which suprises me. But still the new one needs tweaking.

319904 i know. tht was awesome. too bad the kids who watch the current star wars show won't get to watch a good one.


I was fucking pissed off when they canceled it my son loved that show and so I watched it with him

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