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I stumbled ito a story where the Zebra king/ler went to ...extreme measures because he female population declined by someththing making them less likely to birth a female. In such situation Twilight Sparcle and 2 of her friendswent in supposed to berelaxing place from Candance recomendations or was that ...mrs Sun Butt .

I dO NOT KNOW if Celestia ReallySEND TWILIH TO TURN HER INTo... census word here
Sluttefied POWERLESS (BECAUSZZEBRA SEALS) Whore/Brood Mother and Twilight's friends who were with Tilight to such horrible fate .

Do you think Candance or Celstia knew about that and Gambled again with TWILIGHT'S Safety ? Wha would e motives if Celestia or Candanc do THAT ? Does Zebrica rulers deserve retribution ? Does the Zebrica male opulation who became horny need to be fixed to et CLEAR HEAD ?

Will the Zebrica ruler would stop if Zebra Gene defect of gender chance for birth would stop ?

What kind of retibution would be deserved

You're welcome

Thank you for the follow

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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