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Prince Dustin Hogan

Adoptdby Celestia and Luna, friends are mane 6, fluffle puff, ben 10, markiplier, and chrysalis. related adoptively to cadence (cousin), Twilight and shining armor (in laws) Last of my family


Charms of Harmony · 12:41pm Jun 23rd, 2020

The Charms of Harmony are talismans used by the Dustin and the Mane 7. There are ten in total, but so far, only eight are owned by their respective user. Each Charm of harmony with its own purpose and set of abilities. They appear to access the white magic that only the destined user can access. Each one is emblazoned with the Wdjat Eye, despite having no connections with the Shadow Realms.

All of them afford the user the powers of the friendship and are used to destroy Grogar.

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