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This group ties into The Known World and by extension, the Known World RP group

this is Adamant and Westwood. Adamant's the one on the left, Westwood's on the right. they are in charge of taking care of a special part of the archives, under Moonstone Castle

The WCP Foundation is a secret organization of scientists who are devoted to collecting and containing all the unexplainable objects and creatures in the world for the sake of protecting the world from them. Items contained by WCP are classified as one of the following: "Safe" (items which can be reliably and safely contained and can be handled safely in with the proper procedures, however Safe items can still be just as dangerous as the other two object classes if they are not handled properly), "Euclid" (unpredictable and harder to contain than Safe objects) and "Keter" (they require extensive and precise containment procedures; most Keter items also pose an enormous threat in the event of a containment breach). The foundation often uses "Class-Ds" (criminals on death row, or staff members who have dangerously mishandled WCP objects) to experiment with its various objects.

Welcome. you may be subjected to a random brain-wipe after leaving here.

(This group is based on the SCP Foundation and the Ask the Night Guards Tumblr)

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383284 and that's why I love this series. :twilightsmile:


Think about it... Slendies behind them. And there's SCP-682 in there as well.


Well there dead now...

356260 That's Medowlark and Sunshine of the lunar guard. :pinkiecrazy:

Nice banner. Shame we won't be seeing those nights guards any time soon.


Just a quick note: In order to add a story, we'll need a folder. :derpyderp1:


342613 Actually, the story folder in the known world can be added to, and now has 6 stories in it.

in other words, go ahead and put it here!:twilightsmile:

An inquiry: a single chapter in a collection of stories of mine has a very WCP feel to it (I guess it should, seeing as it was inspired by the SCP foundation). Would it be alright for me to place that story in the folder? Or would you prefer the stories folder to remain empty, like in "The Known World?"

341995 the way they talk. Adamant grew up in Trottingham, so he has a slight accent.

341953 And when they're wearing their helmets, which cover their manes, or lack thereof?

341993 anyway, welcome to the group. it won't be updated as frequently as The Known World, but I won't have as much a monopoly as I do there.

this is another information group that anyone can post in, whether you're copying and pasting SCP entries (just change the "S" to "W" and replace any mention of humans with pony, griffin, etc...) or make up your own and post it.

lol, I know that.

341978 Guys. no one's getting sued. there's a disclaimer to prove it

>inb4 sued for copyright,

Lel SCP plagiarism copyrights.

Oh and uh, Smiles was here. :rainbowkiss:

341912 Adamant's blonde. Westwood's bald

and yes. it was founded by Luna and Celestia

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