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This is the family of Lunar Aegis (Hothead112). Any non-family members will be banned from the group upon joining.

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I couldn't help but think of this as this group's theme.

Yes, I know, it doesn't actually match this group at all. :rainbowlaugh:


Woah.......with the right things i'd love that. But in all honesty i've always wanted to make a wee lil base camp somewhere in the woods near me :twilightsheepish: guilty of being a wannabe survivalist

:rainbowlaugh: Wow, I'm living in little more than a shack next to a river.


:rainbowlaugh: bloody white flag country. But thing is my house is detached yet the whole road behind me would have been the owners land. Im living in a decommisioned half mansion :pinkiecrazy:

I know how that feels. My house was built by some weird frenchman who had to do everything the hard way and never got anything done quite right.


Meh fuck it. It wont even connect. God danm wifi in my old georgian house cant reach my room :derpytongue2:


If it'l lemme sign up :derpytongue2:

356791, 356790, 356757, 356693
Good afternoon, all! Just wanted to drop in and let you all know that we have a chat group solely for this family as well. LINKS FOR EVERYONE! :yay:


G'night kiddo *i ruffle your hair one last time before walking up stairs*


Sorry kid. Too much PT and all *i reply smiling as i ruffle your hair a bit*

356787 Aw, okay.*Frowns*


Nah not just now kid. Ya uncle's beat. Im probably going to bed in a lil while.

356758 Not much, want to play?:twilightsmile:




Hey little dude. Whas up?

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