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Ponies growing inside other ponies. Pretty simple, right?

You'd be surprised. Anything that involves something growing inside someone else, whether it be normal pregnancy, eggs, pouches or even reverse foaling are all welcome here. That also includes humans having foals, and ponies having human babies!

And yes, I will be working on this description. As the only group I've found so far that covers this kink exclusively, I have a standard to live up to.

The Folders:

If there's a subcategory in 'Other' that you would like to see added, just let me know. If a sub-folder gains 25 stories, I'll bump it up into it's own separate folder/category.

We also have a Skype chat! If you're interested in joining, just send me a PM. All we ask is that you be kind to the other users. ^-^

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I have a story in mind I would like to do . It's about a human female Marine sniper and her squad ( me:twilightblush: ) in a war in Afganistan and I am the only survivor. I am about to be killed by a insurgent with this ugly ass sword when suddenly this blue sword appears in my hand as I lay on the floor of an abandoned wrecked castle . When the blue sword is in my hands , it gives me unknown strength for me to fight . I need some help advice on how to post this here and what to use to write this in ? Any suggestions would be appriciated .:trollestia: ( Oh and there will be unbirthing in this . :pinkiecrazy: )

I like your new photo

I know I have a lot of stories to it can pile up

423724 good I hope you make more stories

I hope can keep sunset shimmer in your stories

so is sunset shimmer married or not

will sunset shimmer have a boy or girl or twins

sunset shimmer will have a hearth baby girl

when did sunset shimmer get preagent was it doctor whoovers

is sunset shimmer preagent NOW

Does this group include stories with impregnation, or just stories about the pregnancy?
And would it matter if it was rape?

Pregnancy is magical. :rainbowkiss: Especially when the mother is pregnant with a unicorn baby. Lord help her

Here's a fun new word for the group enceinte

Honestly surprised that it took me this long to actually join. Finding good pregnancy focused stories seems so hard at times.

Am I ok to put a story featuring pregnancy but ending in miscarriage here?

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