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Ponies growing inside other ponies. Pretty simple, right?

You'd be surprised. Anything that involves something growing inside someone else, whether it be normal pregnancy, eggs, pouches or even reverse foaling are all welcome here. That also includes humans having foals, and ponies having human babies!

And yes, I will be working on this description. As the only group I've found so far that covers this kink exclusively, I have a standard to live up to.

The Folders:

If there's a subcategory in 'Other' that you would like to see added, just let me know. If a sub-folder gains 25 stories, I'll bump it up into it's own separate folder/category.

We also have a Skype chat! If you're interested in joining, just send me a PM. All we ask is that you be kind to the other users. ^-^

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Does this group include stories with impregnation, or just stories about the pregnancy?
And would it matter if it was rape?

Pregnancy is magical. :rainbowkiss: Especially when the mother is pregnant with a unicorn baby. Lord help her

I dare someone to make fanfic about this: cannot get video, but look up Gigantic OTN.

Here's a fun new word for the group enceinte

Honestly surprised that it took me this long to actually join. Finding good pregnancy focused stories seems so hard at times.

Am I ok to put a story featuring pregnancy but ending in miscarriage here?

LOL It was the little picture of Sunset Shimmer that got my attention. :rainbowlaugh:

OK i could think of a few weird and out there ideas for god what have you made my mind start to think of?:pinkiecrazy:
i hope your ready for the consequences once i get the chance to wright it.:rainbowlaugh:

Okay, you have my attention.:moustache:

I just had to join. It was calling me. I love making fanfics about pregnancy even though i havn't published one yet.

I strangely feel compelled to write an odd story just to fill in the "Human" folder. Would lose my sanity if that happened. :pinkiecrazy:

347762 ponies having human children huh, guess I should put my story F.A.T.E 2 in that category, once the first book is done.

i really wanna see some stories in the human folder in here

Yay, there's finnaly a group for pregnancy:pinkiehappy: I've been wanting a group like this for a while:twilightsmile:

I can't wait to see more stories get added! Yay!

  • Viewing 2 - 21 of 21