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This group will be based upon pregnant ponies and any other creature found in the MLP universe. All stories with pregnant ponies are welcome; whether it be a charming love story rated for everyone, or mature for a heinous rape clop in which someone in the MLP universe becomes pregnant. Anyways, if you want to read about ponies (or any other MLP related creature) having to deal with their new lives as parents or as a parent this is the place to be.
Happy Reading!!!


Sentence structure must be competent along with grammar
The protagonist must be the father or mother of at least one foal
Must be in the MLP universe (duh)
Humans are allowed as long as they are in Equestria

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I guess I belong here, I do have a few stories that should be just right for this Group.
With that said, two stories added.

I'm yet to edit and update this group. More stuff will be added this weekend

How come you don't have spike's sexual revolution and the sequel in the story section
They fit perfectly in this group
And there an awesome read

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