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Welcome all anime and pony lovers! Here you can post anime crossovers of your own, or of others. Feel free to suggest the making of folders, ideas and thoughts about fictions, and mostly anything you want so long as it involves anime/ponies. Enjoy!


1: You can only add a story to a maximum of 2 folders
2: Have common sense and just don't spam, troll, flame, or post inappropriate content in the forum
3: Absolutely no linking to any illegal material; ie, Kissanime links
4: Unless a thread is specifically discussing an anime, please don't spoil or use the spoilers tags

Warning: There may be some NSFW content on the group. Not sure what to do about it so just stay away from it if you don't know what NSFW means.

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Introductions: For introducing yourself to the Anime Crossovers community!

Summer Anime Discussion: For discussing the newest shows/seasons of anime coming out this summer.

Which Anime Deserves a Crossover: If you think an anime deserves a crossover with My Little Pony, post it here, discuss it, etc.

Art Thread: Have some cool art you want to share? Post it here!

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needs more naruto crossovers

I know technical not an anime but what do you think of the idea of loud house mix with mlp.

I thinking spike be the middle child and various pony and fillies would be his sisters

Any idea if there will be a Monster Musume folder in the near future?

Waintin' for Wangan Midnight crossover, could be fun...

Does anyone know where I can find some my little pony and or anime character study. So I can get a better understanding and write about said character

Hi if its OK I might try doing a yugioh 5DS crossover I'm just wondering if I should start you know with turbo duels it might be good I don't know never written a fimfiction before

hello everyone, I'm sort of new to Fimfiction and was wondering if there were anyone in here doing YGOxMLP crossovers. i have tried posting up a story before that i have posted before on Fanfiction Wattpad and AO3 but i seem to be too short with the requirements so i took it down to post on a later date with hopefully a co-writer if i ever get one.

Glad to se this is a group. Question though. Does anyone know of a Devilman crossover? Seems like one that would fit right into Equestria.

I was wondering if my story, Forever With You, would be viable for the "Anime Inspired" folder, since it is heavily inspired by mecha anime like Evangelion and such without being a crossover.

I decided to ask here because I didn't think this was worthy of being a thread on the forum.

Do an Inuyasha and My Little Pony crossover

ACT 3,3 FREEZE now within 5 meters

Does anyone know wher the RWBY crossovers are

Is it just me or does the girls in Armed Girls Machiavellian remind anyone of:
Rin - Twilight
Mary - Rarity
Warabi - Pinkie
Satori - Fluttershy
Inaba - Dash

Hmm... No AJ.

Huh, isn't that one of Pinkie's friends? I didn't know they did cosplay.

hey peeps! posted my first Naruto story just now comments and constructive crritism are appreciated please no hate thx! love ya.

Hello, hi. Hum, I am kind of new here and I just want to ask, Why I can't add a story to the Horror folder? Do I need a special permission or something? Ir simply I'm too dense to figure out how to do it XP. I was able to add it to the thriller section so I don't know why?

excuse me but i have a request of you. A very nice user called Nosferus has died recently and Nosferus said anyone could take up his story afterwards so i wanted to ask if you would so kindly take up this wish. I know You probably have better things to do but it would mean so much to me if you could keep his sstory of Don't Get Cocky for me and the rest of his followers it... it would mean the world to me

415470 for fluttershy maybe something thats not too threatening. Like a lion with base weapons for self defense but more emphasis on supporting the other six. Like a ability to bring them back online faster or a repair thing. Your idea for sunset is perfect in my opinion.

  • Viewing 194 - 213 of 213
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