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Oh, you found me of all fans huh? Are you lost? XD

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Light Shines update · 3:34am June 23rd

Hello everypony! I hope you're all doing well and staying safe and well. Anyway, I know I have published nothing lately concerning Wherever the Light Shines and its soon to be follow-ups. However, things have been rather hectic and I haven't been able to find enough time or energy to write the way I want.

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We shall see. :) I hope so. Thanks for the welcome. :)

Deep #51 · Monday · · ·

Welcome to the A/B Testing group :pinkiehappy: Let us know if you have any questions, and we hope you enjoy your time with us :twilightsmile:

Thanks. :) And you're welcome. :)

But I hope and pray that what you're dealing with will be dealt with in an efficient and in the best way possible. :( God be with you.

Thanks for the watch!! Have a follow in return dude!!

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