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A week after their adventure to restore magic to Equestria, Izzy Moonbow is excited to spend another fantastic day with her best friend Sunny along with her friends. However, when she arrives to meet Sunny, she finds out on this particular day something very different about her friend.

Will contain spoilers for My Little Pony: A New Generation.

Featured from September 26-29, 2021!! :pinkiegasp: Thank you all so much! :raritystarry:

AND an awesome read by StraightToThePointStudio! :raritystarry: Go check him out and what an honor and an amazing read! It felt as if I were listening and watching something after the movie! Major props! :raritystarry:

Featured on Equestria Daily's seven fanfics to read for Izzy Moonbow day 2021

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This is so sweet I love it! :heart: we need some G5 emotes methinks

I like the fact that the first and only chapter is literally called "The only chapter" xD

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this story. + Like

This would've been a great ending for the movie.

Wow, I'm glad you consider it that way. :) Thanks for the compliment. :)

Yeah, LOL, I didn't know what else to call it, but I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

Glad you enjoyed, and I think you're right. :D

Pretty sure we don't even have emotes from season 2, so the odds don't look good.

I'm crying, this was so beautiful but sad... Bravo.

Aww, very sweet, very nice.

Oh wow... that really hit me right in the feels. This was really sweet. :twilightsmile:
(There needs to be some G5 emotes soon)

Dammit, I’m getting teary eyed at a fic for the first time in what feels like forever. Phenomenal work!

Good stuff. Glad to see all the new little slice-of-life stuff that's popping up about the movie, and this was a nice scene to have.

Wow, thanks. :) I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

Indeed so. :) It's pretty sweet, and I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

This is a heavy hitter in the emotions department; my goodness! The backstory, different ideas, showcased care, all of it makes this such a beauty of a read! Adds some interesting closure to a few things too! Hope you didn't mind, but I just couldn't resist making a reading of this super sweet fic of yours!

Audio Linkerloo!: https://youtu.be/-FYZ-QgPuMI

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Wow! :D What an honor! :D Thank you so much for doing a dramatic reading! :D

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve genuinely teared up at a story 🥲. I hope that in the series they address Sunny’s father, but for now, little stories like this is well enough satisfying 🙂. You just gained another follower 😌

Well, thank you. :) I certainly hope you enjoy all my content and when I put out more stories in the future.

I have no words to describe just how wonderful this story is! It is both heartbreakingly sad and heartwarmingly sweet at the same time. :pinkiesad2:

Amazing job! :twilightsmile:

So so glad you enjoyed. :D


PRE-SENT.... ARMS! (Or hooves)

That was touching ! And it definitely was nicely written. Here's to this fic, and to others to come (possibly) !

What a lovely little story. Great work Solar.

Thank you! :D I hope so too! :D

Thank you very much. :)

No problem, and I’m sure that I will enjoy your future stories 🙂🔥

In the meantime, you can consider looking at what I've already put out. :)

Mark of a new era

That machete is a reference to "Wherever the Light Shines," isn't it? Haven't read it, just noticed that there's a machete in the cover art. :P

Yes, yes it is. It's a reference to my OC, Mystic. :)

This is...so beautiful... :raritycry:

Izzy began trotting onward to Sunny’s house and saw that the lighthouse tower was completely restored due to having magical neighbors and it was restored to its former glory.

redundancy; maybe rework this sentence.

cool story!

This reminded me a lot about my old Tempest fic—bittersweet but heartwarming. :heart:

Celestia damnit, ya made me cry! :raritycry:

“She’s the one that found it,” said the second unicorn.

“Oh, right,” replied the second. She smiled. “Thanks so much for a wonderful find!”

Did you mean the FIRST for the 2nd part?

You’re welcome. 😁👍

Despite that, I hope you enjoyed the story, LOL.

Izzy giggled bouncing in place. First, she got friends and found an artifact all in one week.

Hi. I know I pointed out an error in my last comment, but I couldn’t help but think that this could be improved as well. I think that the word, “then” should either replace the word, “and,” or come right after it. Also, I think there should be commas, one after the word, “friends,” and another after “artifact.” This would list all the things Izzy did, and say in what amount of time she did them, more clearly.

Again, the story is good overall, I’m just giving some honest feedback.

I appreciate the honest feedback. I know I've got things I need to improve on.

This. Is. Adorable! :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::trixieshiftright:

If Obabscribbler were to do just one MLP G5 fanfic reading this year, I’d want it to be this one.

Thanks. It'd be a real honor if she did so. :)

She’s very good at sadfic readings, that’s for sure.

Totes crying. Bless.

The was a touching story. :fluttercry: :raritycry:

I knew what was probably going to happen early on, but that didn't make it any less sad when it did happen. :fluttershysad:

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