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Pipp and Zipp have never been close. Zipp spends a significant amount of time away from the castle, and cannot relate to Pipp's infatuation with social media. So when the younger pink pegasus starts receiving messages from a fan who truly seems to care for her, she is delighted to finally have a companion she can talk to about anything. But when her new friend's intentions veer into a dark direction, she finds herself feeling more helpless than ever.

This story takes place before the events of My Little Pony: A New Generation.

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Glad to see that her family was there once they knew what was wrong - and I would not want to be Chicory when Haven finds him.

Though I wonder if Zipp felt the same way Pipp did through a lot of this. She seemed to be trying to reach out, even if she screwed up later.

Nice story.

Poor Pipp, though I enjoy these kinda stories. Pipp needs a little love, and there's a dark side to internet fame that wasn't explored much in the movie, despite it being a very important lesson that kids should understand.

IRL, given the magnitude of Pipp's success and Pipp's young age, she should have an agent (or agents) that helps moderate these issues and give her advice on what to do.

Keep on writing. You got a bright future on this site.

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This is such a beautiful story writing. At first glance I thought it was just gonna be a cringe fetish stuff but when I read your disclaimer, it really piqued my interest. Reading this really makes me uncomfortable but I think that's the goal. Telling people these kind of things are not okay.

Really great story and I like the way you write! Keep up the good work!

Pipp was lying on her side with one leg dangling over the edge of her bed, swinging it idly while she anticipated Chicory's response. She had managed to get out of washing the dishes, much to Zipp's chagrin--the white pegasus would have to perform the chore by herself while their mother attended a meeting. It served her right for the way she had treated Pipp earlier in the day, anyway!

They are princesses. They are PRINCESSES. Why the buck do they have to do chores? :rainbowhuh:

Plot hole time! :pinkiecrazy:

Maybe Queen Haven still wants them to be responsible? And they don't seem to have butlers anyway, just guards.

Wow, this was a great fic.

I really appreciate your portrayal of Pipp, as well as how Chicory develops and gets less innocent deeper into the story. I like the way it was resolved, and as Mica said, Pipp does need a little love.

Huh. Interesting idea.

Aight, I’m ready to beat Chicory to a pulp *cracks hooves* *stretches* *grabs knife and duct tapes it to long stick* YAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that was kind of intense, but very tastefully done. The slow creep of Chickory's manipulation was well written; i thought the 1st painting was gonna be weird, but the fact that it was entirely innocent (besides the first set of pics), and well-done on top of that, made it that much more sinister.

1. I see that one of Pippsqueaks' name is StarCatcher 🌠💖
2. I love bath bombs too

...surprisingly plausible. And a good demonstration of "powerlessness in power"... Pipp could totally have found out who owned a Wingstagram account and sent the guards after them, but not without telling anypony why. Given her presumed age here, that she wouldn't dare wasn't a bad bet... but one Chicory still lost. Don't underestimate pink princesses!

(Oh, and Zipp... really, you made the promise in that context and forgot? :facehoof: Oy vey...)

As far as I can recall, this is the first post-movie G5 story I've read so far, and oh boy was it a good one to start with.

First off, you nailed the characters. From Pipp and her bubbly personality and her longing for friendship, to Zipp and her annoyance with Pipp and overall vibe. Zipp listening to rock music is also a great touch.

I think Queen Haven is also done really well despite her short presence, and you really nail what her character is all about. She's prideful and takes her personal time very seriously, but she's a legitimately caring mother and knows when it's best to keep to herself for her daughters.

Now to what the story is actually about. This is a very delicate topic and I have to say you handled with grace and humility. You knocked every step of the process. Getting to know them, the venting to them, and then they reveal their true selves. Zipp perpetuating Pipp into going back to Chicory, even unknowingly, is a really good point in the story, because Zipp is at fault for not listening to her, but Pipp didn't exactly give her a reason to earlier in the story. It's just handled so well. Pipp feeling dirty even about the first photo is perfectly done.

Wonderful story about a difficult topic, and just full of character. Well done!

That was really sweet

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