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A little Info!

Hi there! My name's Starry Night. I'm a fairly new writer, who is trying to improve and appreciates constructive criticism. Below, you can find a bit of info about me :)

Name: Starry Night
Favorite generation: G5 or G4, it's so hard to choose!
Favorite G4 pony: That would have to be Twilight.
Favorite G5 pony: Zipp, for sure!
Favorite story genre: I'd say bittersweet, something that makes me cry, but also smile, at the same time.

Thanks for checking out my work :D

G5 stuff

G4 stuff

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Thank you for liking my story Uni-Pecker ^^

Thanks for the attention on Royal Intervention:moustache:

Thanks for adding The Hidden Tribes to your Library. :pinkiehappy: Hope you are enjoying it so far.

Howdy howdy,
thanks for adding Taboo to your library!

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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