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I need to give a special thanks to everyone who's thoughtful and generous enough to drop me a tip for what I do; it means more than I can even adequately express through text.

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Wednesday Morning Dew
1,500 words

Chapter 4
not started

Last updated: 6/29/22 00:20 PT

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Futa | Cum Inflation | MILFs | Incest
Interspecies (incl. crossovers) | D/s
Pred/prey (basically a certain flavor of dirty talk)
Dirty Talk | any of my favorite ponies
List is not exhaustive (ask me!)


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Gore | Diaper/ABDL | Hyper | Rape
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If you want to commission me, please understand that I'm a slow writer and it might take up to several months for me to finish your commission, since I'm still figuring out a good workflow for writing. If you're still okay with that going into it, we can certainly hash out the details of what you'd like. Also note that, because of this, I only take 1 client at a time.

Sing a Song About Your Favorite G5 Mare

Something I've done in my spare time, for the enjoyment of anyone who happens upon my userpage - Spotify playlists that I think match the G5 main mares!

Give 'em a listen if you're interested - you may find a new song to jam out or write to! :twilightsmile:

(Click the images!)

Sing a Song About Love

(Click the image to go to the playlist!)

I realized after a while that the Izzy and Sunny playlists contained too many lovey-dovey songs due to overwhelming personal bias, so I've split them off into a separate playlist. :twilightblush:


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You're welcome.:pinkiesmile:

Thanks for adding my story to your favorites.

Thanks a bunch for the add! It's much appreciated :twilightsmile:

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