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I play a lot of racing games and read way too much ponyfic for my own good.

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Skype Chatlogs #8: Never Doubt My Commitment to Comedy (Or Haikus) · 4:17am May 16th, 2017


[9:46:47 PM] Jastrian (Jason): yea, tbh I dont remember even 1/4 of s6
[9:46:54 PM] Jastrian (Jason): id have to watch each one for a bit
[9:47:02 PM] ArDee (James): let me just read the ep list and see how many I remember the jist of xD
[9:47:14 PM] Jastrian (Jason): s1 I remember more
[9:47:18 PM] ArDee (James): s5 and s6 are legit just a jumbled mess for me
[9:47:26 PM] Jastrian (Jason): s5 is the most jumbled

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