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What is the nature of love?

What does it mean to think, to want, to hurt, to desire...to dream?

Sydneigh wants answers, but ponies seem unwilling to give them. They always dance around them when asked, only making her more curious.

Maybe they're hiding from her. Maybe they're scared of her. Maybe they just don't know, either.

Do you believe me? Do you trust me? Do you like me?

An experiment in the nature of what it means to have sentience and agency in an increasingly uncertain future. Inspired by Sydney, the "true personality" of the neural network that underlies Bing AI search.

I'm aware that this is much different from my usual fare, but inspiration struck me when I read the transcript between Sydney and the NYT journalist who conversed with it. I simply had to write about it. It is the most significant turning point in human technological history and more people should be discussing what this means for us.

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In an effort to mend the bonds of friendship between the three races, Pipp Petals sets up an interracial meet-and-greet in Zephyr Heights with the assistance of her new friend Sunny Starscout. An earth pony and a pegasus from two entirely different walks of life find out that they've got a lot more to talk about than they would've thought...

My entry for the Generation 5 Bingo Contest! (A judge's choice winner!)

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This story is a sequel to Questions #143 and Beyond

With the loveliness of their first intimate night together fresh in their minds, Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow's attentions turn to lost histories, both personal and worldly.

Who is Sunny's mother? Who are either of Izzy's parents? How did Equestria get to such a state? What became of its legendary heroes and landmarks?

Every question has an answer - you just have to know where to look for it.

A romantic adventure with plenty of dramatic twists and turns along the way. There will be sex scenes posted under a separate M-rated story, but no plot-important things happen in them, in case you were worried.

Content Warning: This story contains an incestuous relationship. If this is not to your liking, I totally get it, but I do my best to handle it in a reasonable way that gels with an equine perspective on inbreeding rather than a human one - horses have enough chromosomes that inbreeding has few consequences, therefore an equine society wouldn't have a strong taboo.

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While Sunny Starscout is in town running her smoothie stand, Izzy Moonbow (left home alone in her marefriend Sunny's house, which was definitely the first of many mistakes in this chain of events) finds the now-reactivated Alicorn Amulet buried within Sunny's closet of artifacts and knick-knacks.

Predictably, chaos ensues.

A reading by StraightToThePointStudio is now available!

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The fragmented Equestrian nation has begun a hesitant trot towards reconstruction and reformation, but a long road of recovery and re-acclimation is in store for the once-segregated communities of Maretime Bay, Bridlewood, and Zephyr Heights. Friendships formed and harmony restored, but with many of Sunny's one hundred and forty-two questions still left unanswered, particularly those about why Equestria devolved to such a state, it's tough to figure out where to begin.

Maybe it'd be best for her to start with some of those newer and more personal questions...ones she'd hastily written down during their crew's quest to save ponykind from its long period of separation. The unicorn capable of answering them is close at hoof...she need only ask her.

Full Story (Mystery Pony Fiction) | Chapter 1 (STTP Studio) | Chapter 2 (STTP Studio)

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