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Making Stories · 9:26pm Feb 24th, 2017

Update: Ever since I got this account, I never put a story up at all. But, That's going to change since I'll be putting one of my older stories on here and try to put out stories awhile I'm still working on many things

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It’s the same for me I like all of the mane 6.

I like all of the Mane Six. But, my most favorites are Twilight and Applejack. Especially Twilight XD

Who is your most favorite out of the mane 6? :)

Awesome I’m glad you liked it, a youtuber named Lotus Moon is going to be doing a reading and voice acting on the fic, if you have a youtube channel and you’d like to do readings on any of my fics on youtube you are welcome to do so :)

Then my brutal honesty is that I'm brutally honest! XD
In all seriousness, I enjoyed The Curious Alicorn a lot. I had no problems with it. A lot of enjoyment, for me, came from how adorable Luna was being in the story :3

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