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Extra Project · 10:50am Dec 6th, 2015

To those who didn't read the previous blog, this pertains to story idea I want to work with making a small collection of stories on lesser popular ships (not sure if that makes them crack ships, whatever I suppose).

For this, I'm letting my watchers, and I guess anyone else who stumbled upon this blog, decide which ones will be mentioned in the story. There will be some parameters though (Which may change depending on how conditions go):

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Thank you so very much for liking my story First Snow ^^

(Still trying to think of a few specifics, but this might end up involving another bet, but I'm not sure)

I'm still hoping to finish the Legally Binding Bet story, considering it's already out there. I guess I'm just in more of a slump than I expected. Still, you're welcome to send me a suggestion if you want.

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