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Believe it or not there is a DumbbellDash DeviantArt group. Come Join Us!

FimFiction's home to one of Rainbow Dash's more obscure straight ships. Love can bloom anywhere. In the most surprising of places from the most surprising of ponies!

Introduction: Yo! I might as well get to the point. Just to be clear this is a pairing between Rainbow Dash and Dumbbell. The chocolate brown pegasus stallion with a blond mane. Yeah that guy. I'm pretty sure Dumbbell is everyone's favorite background pony, am I right? Right? (kidding.jpg)

On a slightly more concerned note, you have no idea how many stories I've come across on Fimfiction that have the author's OC/self insert or their interpretation of some other background pony, beating the tar out of him, Hoops and Score much to the appreciation of either a very out of character Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy. I can understand trumping bullies but people take it too far, out of pure laziness no doubt. I made this group to at least counter that. For folks tired of that "We're ass holes for no reason!" cliche.

Has everyone forgotten that they apologized after Sonic Rainboom? I see these three getting abused in a story set post Sonic Rainboom and I see it as a mark of lazy writing.

Besides, who'd want to hurt them? Don't they look just luvable?

So in a nutshell. This is a group for those interested in the romance AND/OR friendship of Rainbow Dash and the three pony jocks.

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390489 Dumbledore? why is that. I think it should be shortened down to DumbDadh, or RainbowBell, even if the second is a bit on the questionable side due to the risk of confusing others.
353213 Mature, as in GrownUp. Even if it commonly refer to sex or gore relation in the story references.
351685 Seems as if four stories has been added since, three times as many stories now. and yeah, you need to tick of for mature, or you will not see these stories.
340922 CON-grates .. :pinkiesmile:
340838 Then I am no Cow-Ward, I ship.
340831 Why ship Spike with Dash, he is canonically belonging to Rarity.

Guess it is time to join this heard?

As you said, they did appologize and all that.(ass if the pun wasn't already canon from an earlier episode?)

Since I am a bit on the Pie, I guess I have to at least try to see him from the positive side of the cake?

I already have a few ships on somewhat different and challenging sides.

I even included a Blueblood pairing.

Aside from growing to like a certain Snails was that larger colt, right?

I just need to ask my muse permittion to get the two on the wagon here.

Aside from that, a few tiny teeny details on the Stallion could always help me along too.

I told my friend about the ship 'Dumbelldash' and they thought it sounds like Dumbledore. :trollestia:


Actually I checked a while back. Sadly the story doesn't exist anymore.

You will have to write your own, Prinny. Heheheheheee...

353198 can you tell me what "mature" is?

It's most likely mature.

it says this group has two stories, but I can't find the other one.:applecry:

I have found... my home! :rainbowkiss:


*whispers* I think he's dead...so it's too late.
But you're right. Ya'll makes better sense. Time to make some changes!

I am now enlightened, thank you.
And somebody needs to tell that guy it's spelled "y'all".

:rainbowhuh: "You will cowards do not even ship"?

This is the only heterodash ship I like that isn't Spikedash. That means it's good. :rainbowkiss:

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