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On Hearths Warming Eve, Vinyl and Octavia have just finished their respective performances at Canterlot, and are now ready to go home. While on the train ride home, Vinyl and Octavia start to consider just how well they know each other.

Written for Sonicsons for Jinglemas 2023.

Cover art was done by Rublegun.

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Loved this story, honestly OctiScratch is probably my second favorite ship. I noticed like 3 minor spelling errors (like one letter off, not a big deal). The dialog felt natural, and true to the characters. Or at least the common fan interpretation of the characters. Overall, great story, especially for a one off. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the gift! This was sweet. =)

I like how you made a plot point out of Vinyl's glasses. Good idea. =)

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