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Just a pone who likes to write about other pones in compromising situations ranging from sexy to deadly and everywhere in between. https://ko-fi.com/scarletribbon


Octavia reminisces on a special performance both past and present.

A Jinglemas 2023 story written for Greatazuredragon

Cover art is from https://derpibooru.org/images/82016 -- original source is gone.

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Beautiful work so far. Especialy how you describe the music.

Loved it. The relationship between them and how you developed it was really sweet.
Thanks for the great jinglemas present.

Would you believe that five hours ago I scrapped the whole story and re-wrote it? My original attempt tried to write the whole story with a huge emphasis on the music and attempt to make it work with no dialogue and just Octavia's internal thoughts.

It was... not great.

Glad that you enjoyed the results of my last-minute course-correction.

Great story, left me wanting more. I hope you expand on this after Jinglemas

That is impressive.
Well done.

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