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I like :twilightsmile: good job.

Ooh, that stinger.
Interesting idea, and well realized! Was wondering if the Apple factory was due to the flim-flam bros somehow, but this seems more likely.


Thanks :heart:


:twilightsmile: Yeah, it struck me as kinda strange at first. I mean, the Apples seem like the family that would be rushing to the front lines along-side the Pie family.

Seems a fitting idea for how the farm ended up the way we saw it. I feel it might have been interesting if we could have seen Apple Bloom's perspective on the issue, but I liked this.

So, in all this mess, they have Bright Mac? How did Sombra invading leave him alive? Crystal Empire doesn’t return till years after he’s out of the picture

Wrong implication. The implication is that the sonic rainboom caused a butterfly effect that ultimately led to his death. He is alive because the rainboom didn't happen. Sombra's invasion is far from Ponyville.

Oooo, interesting ending there. I've recorded it :).

Oh, I noticed something when copy pasting the description for the Audiobook version. I think that gives too much away. I think it should say 'Applejack *Tries* to stop Big Macintosh from going to war'.

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