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Just a pone who likes to write about other pones in compromising situations ranging from sexy to deadly and everywhere in between. https://ko-fi.com/scarletribbon


When Twilight mishandles an artifact she doesn't understand, an immense force pulls her through to another world. There, she finds herself stuck alone and confused in the body of a human woman named Rebecca Williams, with no apparent way to get home.

After the Cutie Mark Crusaders accidentally unleash an ancient evil threatening to wipe out all life in Equestria, Rebecca Williams and Twilight Sparkle must fight the clock to find a way to swap back, as every force in the land convenes together to battle one single foe.

7/27/2014: This isn't 'cancelled' in the typical sense, but it is on long-term hiatus.

9/30/2015: Now it is cancelled. On the bright side, I've spent last year stripping this entire fic, and rebuilding it from the ground up as Finding Yourself. You should read that instead - this fic is terrible.

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Chapter restructuring appears to have nuked all the comments! Sorry guys.

And there. Hopefully, this re-write will be the last screwing around I need to do with this story. I have learned a lot about publishing before finding a decent pre-reader, that's for sure.

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