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Just a pone who likes to write about other pones in compromising situations ranging from sexy to deadly and everywhere in between. https://ko-fi.com/scarletribbon


Celestia just wants to experience one last part of normal pony life. Discord doesn't understand it, but he's willing to go with it.

A short little thing I wrote for Akataja for Jinglemas 2022

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This year, Twilight Sparkle made a not-so-unusual appearance, and the much-rarer Flurry Heart made the trip down from the Crystal Empire, with her new coltfriend, Button Mash, in tow.

That's my boy!!!! WOOOOOOOH!!!

Ita a very fine story :)
I mean, yes, it feels a bit unfinished, but it is really nice! I very much enjoyed the read :)

Thanks alot ^^

I could have read a lot more of this.

...Like their date itself.
What's written and posted was fun though and its a nice short story.

Nice cover and nice story

Celestia produced a veritable smorgasbord of fireworks from her mane—a power she clearly had borrowed from Pinkie Pie. "Your specialty!" she declared. "We're going to light up the town. After all, who doesn't like a little bit of chaos?"

*the next day*

Breaking news, canterlot is up in flames of candy, cotton candy after local discord turn trees of caterlot to cotton and even more damaged and painted the side of canterlot castle with our princess celestia sunbutt.

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