This story is a sequel to Celestia Uses An Online Dating Website

The God Emperor of Mankind is in Equestria, and he's looking for love. Good thing for him that Celestia is looking for the same thing. The problem is that he's a warmongering immortal monarch, and she's a benevolent alicorn princess, so clearly they'll get along swimmingly. Here's hoping Equestria survives their relationship!

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Good story so far, but I dunno about the Emperor dating the Princess. Hell, knowing him. he'd probably slay both Princesses with his bare hands, then summon a few Space Marine chapters and Imperial Gaurd regiments to help him take over the planet.

This seems like the start of something else beautful xD

It will all be explaaaaaaaaaaaained. :raritywink:

God, yes, I've been waiting for this...

This is so nuts that it almost has to be cannon.

Manuplation of......Celestia. Tricky tricky Emperor. At least that is what I believe.

Fuckin' giant ass muthafucka walkin' round Canterlot... well, I guess he's shorter than Optimus... but still!

4287173 True love finds away. beleive in the ship. :rainbowwild:

Manipulation or not, this was the type of romantic saccharine goodness I wanted to see. It's a change of pace to have Celestia this happy.

...Suddenly, Deadpool :pinkiecrazy:

Wait, unless he's just a regular in the Dating site story and not this story...

Yes... Yes. Yes! Yes!!! YES!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!


Incorrect. The Emperor was actually quite tolerant of xenos so long as they didn't place themselves in the way of Mankind's destiny. Prior to the Heresy, Mankind and the Eldar were on very decent terms, even. There were also a number of lesser alien races more or less allied, annexed, or given amnesty. All the "shoot aliens on sight even if they're peaceful" business came as part of the Inquisition's bid to try and keep corruptive and manipulative foreign influences out of the Imperium. The hate would keep them secluded from the promises and lies of the xenos, because they would refuse to listen. That's the main reason why the Tau haven't taken even more of the Imperium's worlds.

Hell, the main reason the Imperium lost the Eldar as a more-or-less ally is because Eldrad the Eternal Dick went to warn the Emperor about Chaos encroaching on his sons, and the Primarch who met him to discuss his warning was actually the Chaos-corrupted dweeb himself!

In fact, if he is manipulating Celestia, and is actually the Emperor and not say... Slaanesh and Tzeentch playing a prank, he might want to know the secrets of Harmony to help oppose the Dark Gods.

... If the latter, we need Creed and Sly Marbo to give Celestia some backup.

You know what, I give up trying to come up with a good comment so I'll just go with a single word.


Did Arthas go on a date with Princess Celestia?

I mean, if she's had a shot with Lordaerons most Eligible Bachelor (and voted most sexy undead un-alive by Scourge Magazine), as well as the God Emperor of Mankind and the one who has kept the forces of Chaos at bay for ten thousand years, she must be the multiverses' most eligible bachelorette.

Not even the Emperium of Man's inquisitor corps would dare say "Exterminatus" to this:pinkiehappy:

4287293 Deadpool should be a regular nuisance in here. I can just imagine him driving Optimus Prime while playing this song, much to Prime's disgust and everyone else's confusion.

4287693 Yes :rainbowlaugh:

And for some reason (And this is from playing the PS3 game...), I imagine him tossing a random grenade near the two while shouting "I AM THROWING A GRENADE!"

Yes...Indeed...While a regular in the other fic, just make him a perpetual cockblock in this one :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

By The Emperor, do I ever love it when people know their source material. :heart:

4287694 The appropriate response would be for Celestia to pick up the grenade, shove it up his plot, then have The God Emperor of Mankind use the flat of his sword to fling him up in the air where the grenade explodes.

I did play the Deadpool game on my girlfriend's 360, but I didn't use grenades that often. Mostly just guns and melee.

So... much.... heresy...

So... much... WIN!:pinkiecrazy:

More please!

I feel like i have been waiting my entire life for a fanfic likes this and now its finally happened


Yes. But he's still widely known as The Dick. Between Creed, Tzeentch, and Eldrad, no one knows how anything manages to get done with all the scheming!

*Throws hands into the air*


There, I fixed it.

“But Luna, here’s in there too!” Celestia shouted out.


this better update, it has been almost 20 years since the last update of "for the enclave"

Emplestia? Emplestia.

I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

Especially if it accurately describes his outfit.

This updates every Monday and Thursday.

I have to point out, the the God-Emperor of Mankind was NOT warmongering, he was trying to unite his people to be able to defend against the forces of Chaos, Chaos however threw the first blow and started the endless war that claimed the Emperor(in a sense)

I know that he wanted peace in the end, but I could also argue that the Crusades was one of the most destructive and expansive wars in the galaxy. Whether he wanted war or not, he did start a ton of them, thus the term warmongerer is somewhat appropriate.

4288488 I do know he did not want war with the Eldar, well maybe the Dark Eldar, but I digress, sometimes war is the only way to unite a scattered people

That too. Still, I chose that word because it was nice contrast to Celestia's description.

I just remembered that after her date with Odin Celestia decided no more dating gods because It always ends up in messed up family disputes so i wonder how she will react when the Emperor tells her about his 18 Primarch sons and how half of them betrayed him and started a huge civil war that ended with him killing Horus and ending up dead and how his remaining traitor sons became Daemon princes and the loyal ones are either dead, missing or trapped in a stasis field

hm....to read it chapter by chapter, or wait a few months and read it all at once...

Well, each chapter is gonna come out biweekly, so there won't be much to wait for, but up to you on how you wanna do it, dude.

The emperor was never xenophobic, he only disliked alien influence on humanity if it was negative; which happened to be all influence from xenos from the universe of War40k.

Anyhow, I'll keep an eye on this story, it seems... potentially amusing.

And he was a warmonger, but he did it for peace; destroy the dangers and peace is practically guaranteed.


Exactly, looks great so far, keep it up

Rainbow Bob? You finally brought my vision to life! :scootangel:
Although when I saw this on the feature box, I thought Celestia would have been humanized like this:

I mean, I know the emperor is not totally a xenophobic prick, but his people are. Especially the inquisition and deathwatch.
Favs and likes fic. :moustache: I expect a lot of greatness. :rainbowlaugh:

Bob, I want to get art of you as spengbab from somebody. :rainbowkiss:

I'm going to ask kill joy to do it.

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