Newly reformed and eager to put his magic to good use, Discord has decided to become a teacher and bask Equestria in the greatness that is his knowledge. Unfortunately for Celestia, he's decided she'll be his first student. Time for her to deal with a lesson about chaos theory. Hopefully she'll survive in time for the test.

Warning: You may actually learn something from this story. Or not. I'm bad at explaining things.

Thanks to Trials for all his help editing!

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Looks interesting, will read later...


In b4 Skeeter.

Comment posted by RazortheAwesome deleted Jul 27th, 2013

“And the eager students who will pay boatloads of bits to be taught by me,” Discord replied, basking Celestia in the glory that was himself. “The best part being the skills I teach them will have nothing to do with them getting a job. So guess who gets an tidy sum of cash from student loans? Also me!”

This seems familiar, but I can't remember why... :rainbowhuh:


And away we go on a crazy learning adventure!

~Skeeter The Lurker

“So, this isn’t complete randomness, right?” Celestia asked, generally curious as to where this lesson will go.

you mean genuinely

wurth mi timeuz.

I read Jurassic Park, so I already knew about chaos theory. But the story is still very entertaining.

Hmm. I'd love to see Discord attempt to explain the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - and Celly go out of her head in anger over that poor cat, and seek to prosecute Schroedinger for animal abuse...


The servers are the 7 chaos... wait, wrong universe.

How about chaos control? Discord does it ALL the time.

So, Discord wrote the book on Chaos Theory; funny, seeing as Twilight wrote the book on the opposite.

I wonder if Discord could be my teacher! That would be awesome.:yay:

Where does Pinkie come into this?

“I do not to be a part of another one of your ridiculous schemes,

I believe you forgot to use the word want

Hmmm... How about... Huh.
I can't actually think of anything that would be interesting. Well, maybe except String Theory, 'cause I never got that myself.
I'll throw in a vote for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, tho. Loved that idea since I read Schrodinger's Ball.

2942246 Both statements are correct in this situation.

He hasn't gone through puberty yet. I can believe that, as I laughed like a mofo after that. :rainbowlaugh: But I think Discord will never go through puberty. He's way too silly for that.:trollestia: He'll be like Justin Bieber.... Except not a girl. :rainbowwild:

Is it wrong I laughed when she said farted too?

Do not compare our Chaotic Lord, Discord the Magnificent to that waste of genetic information.

Either string theory or Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

2950171 Dammit! I killed a cute and cuddly pony, now me sad :<


Agreed about the uncertainty principle and Control of Chaos...those explanations, heck just Discord doing more TEACHING would be too awesome for words!

...also, Twilight as his student...or at least auditing his class....the hijinks...it tickles me in so many ways!!!

...also, must make a Sonic the Hedgehog reference, it's too good not to!!


Ah, you're right. But still. :twilightblush: And very accurate description of Justin Bieber though, I must say. :rainbowwild:

I'd hate to say this, but I've actually had professors like Discord, my Anatomy Prof. would verbally abuse and insult students, give random test and show up fifteen minutes late drunk off his ass.:applejackconfused:

As for the fic, it was fun and mildly informative.

I take it you've been to college too. :trollestia:


Not yet, but I've had two siblings that have (one who does business now and has explained every single aspect of the college-money experience, lol.)

Even though I already know about Chaos Theory, this story was great just because Discord's the one teaching us about it! I never seem to be able to channel him, so props to those who can. Have a mustache. :moustache:

I don't know any theories that would be worthy of Lord Discord the Magnificent. However, at some point I hope that Lord Discord the Magnificent would mention and/or describe a law of the universe known as...


Hahaha Teacher Discord rulz. PS. I would like you read my fanfic. :applejackunsure: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/120820/the-will-stronger-than-diamond

Truly magnificent! Discord taking attendance: "Raise your hand if present, Mr. Nobody are you, anywhere but, here?" Also: Spike's transformation detail was phenomenal. Keep up the pace!

:moustache: So Discord started off the Hell that is Universities and Student loans... CURSE YOU DISCORD!!!:twilightangry2:

He must teach the rainbowbob principle

WHOOT:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Discord Is now the master!

From pranks on the nobles to changing all the vanilla pudding in the castle into chocolate (the superior flavor race, as he called it)

WELL IT ISSSS!!!! are you saying it isent Celestia!?

Celestia... The last time we met, you were the master, and I the apprentice.
Now I am the master...

3001033 It would be unfair for you to be without, take this :moustache:

I always knew Discord was a mad genius.

Oh my god...
I actually learned something from Discord.

F:ajbemused:ck.... I actually learn something from Discord? That's why I like this site

le sigh... anyone who watched Jurassic Park learned about chaos theory... :facehoof:

But anything is better with CHAOS!!!:pinkiecrazy:

... I already knew the chaos theory before reading this. I just never had a name to call it.
Chaos Theory
Hm... I wonder?

I'm now going to attempt to cancel Jersey Shore inadvertantly by throwing a jar of mayo into the streets of Vancouver. :pinkiecrazy:

Story is not that funny (except that bit about students loans) but it holds an interest. As for next topic, I would not consider it overcomplicated but I think teaching Bayes Theorem by any means possible is a good choice.

All I could say to sum this up: the right college degree

Next up, Black Holes and the fabric of space-time.

Celestia would go crazy over Schroedinger's cat.

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