Once again, I am alone in my prison. Doomed to spend eternity trapped in this underworld abode. Stuck in my cage without another soul to comfort me.

Except, for the first time during my imprisonment, I get a visitor. That visitor being the last person I'd ever expect to meet down here.

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Bob, you are always the first to make these deeply emotional stories with villains that are awesome.

Why can I not hold my penis back from having sex with you love for you?

I knew this was going to happen. Am I....am I god?

Because you art not worthy of mine spongey love.
Fill yourself with holes all over your body without bleeding out, and then we'll talk. :raritywink:

>TFW skin has pores

I was always a sponge, Bob.

Swagtastic. :heart:

Bob, you brilliant bastard you

Did you seriously write this whole thing in the span of (looks at computer's clock) five hours? Of course anyone can write a story in and of itself in that amount of time, but to write a good, well thought-out story . . . :trixieshiftright:

~The lizardman is unsure

I had a rough draft filled up before because I knew Tirek would end up in Tartarus anyway by the end of the season finale (because srsly, the only other option was him exploding).

4368037 So, you gambled on his fate?

~Quite daring, the lizardman says :rainbowdetermined2:

"turn homeland in a dessert"

What kind of dessert? Strawberry torte?

I gamble on my fate every day. Which is why I still owe Death over five of my lives. Don't tell him, though. :fluttercry:

Whoops, missed that. Thanks for catching it! :twilightsheepish:
And no, it's rocky-road. :rainbowwild:

That was beautiful. Excellently done, Bob, and a great bit of backstory for the brothers.

What do you do and where do you go if you walk the dark path and all it leads to is defeat, loneliness and hopelessness?

Scorpan was always the softie.:pinkiesad2:

This reminds me of this.

Dammit, Bob, you give me feelings that shock and confuse me...

At any rate, nice little story. Damn, you work fast. :pinkiehappy:

Good story Bob. Definitely an interesting take on his character.

Funny, after watching the finale I got an inkling of a story premise of Discord enacting his own more mandatory and non-negotiable kind of reformation by turning Tirek into a pony. Truly if there were any villain that would despise such a fate, it would be Tirek.

Scumbag Tirek :
-Convince one of his brothers into betraying the ponies, and then backstabs him for power.
-Gets pissed at his other brother for betraying him for the ponies.

I was half expecting him to "release" him. But it seems Scorpan is better than that.

Thisstory hit me in the feels. :pinkiesad2:

4368131 So true. :fluttercry:

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

Too be honest, I don't know if I'm going to read this. I've added it to my read later list. I just wanted to say that it hasn't been 12 hours since the season finale and there's already a story about it in the Featured Box! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:


Discord isn't Tirek's brother, but otherwise, :moustache:

For you, because you got the personality of an aggressive, self-centered douchebag down to a T, so I almost believed what I read was happening.

And "drops of water", which were Tirek's euthemism for tears because he can't admit he has a softer spot. Nice touch!

And the bittersweet brotherly tension, it's very heartwarming...and sad.

Well done, well done.

4368052 I owe death twelve lives, a panda, and an armadillo. I guess I shouldn't have put my money on him exploding.

The first land empires enslave is their own.

this gave me the feels:pinkiesad2:

4369060 So, so true.

Wow, a fanfic about Tirek already? Impressive. And a good one it is. He's a good villain, and deserving of a chance at redemption, so it's good to see it here. And that was a great reversal of "So weak" there at the end!

4369395 Writers on this site get stories based on the latest episode released the same day pretty often, and at least one time I've seen a story get uploaded a couple days before the actual episode (a clop story based on Keep Calm and Flutter On)

And then the feels happened.

I already had a rough draft from the spoiler episodes, it was pretty easy just filling in the blanks. :raritywink:

"You Who I Called Brother, How Could You Have Come To Hate Me So?"

Scorpan! You must help us #savetree ! You are our only hope!

Fuck it, that's the chapter title now. Fucking beautiful.

Ah, and the first wave of post-season fanfics begins! Great story, I enjoyed it immensely.

4369850 Fuck yeah Prince of Egypt reference.:eeyup:

Well that was fast.

A truley touching fic of the relationship between two Brothers.

"Is this what you wanted?!"

Wait, a finale fic that isn't about the blown-up library?


Jus kiddin', u kno I wub you, sponge :rainbowwild:


I love that movie. And I love this story enough to consider watching the original series, just to see what Tirek and Scorpan were like in those series.

4371399 I second your observation!

I'll miss that library, but you know what? Twilight gets a Crystal Conifer Castle out of the deal. All works out.

As for this fic itself? It's okay.

Comment posted by Aqua Shimmer deleted May 11th, 2014

There's a problem with this story.

It's labeled "Complete."

4367995 [youtube=6YMPAH67f4o]

One minute and 53 seconds in.

I like this story, it's very strong.

I like how you show Tirek's POV as him seeing himself as the victim. A power hungry monster like him WOULD see himself that way.

But I also like how you make it clear Scorpan KNOWS his brother is a monster but still loves him ANYWAY.

One thing though: we're told Scorpan TRIED to convince Tirek to stop and Tirek REFUSED.

You could perhaps have worked with that fact more.

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