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In a desperate attempt to alter the course of history and save Equestria from extinction, the Alicorns send Twilight Sparkle far back in time to a magical world that once existed, where she, with the help of Megan Williams, must prevent the wake of an unstoppable enemy. G1/FiM crossover, based on the X-Men movie and comics storyline 'Days of Future Past'.

Cover Art by DrakeyC.

Chapters (8)
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You peaked my interest, I wanna see where this goes.

You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

You've got my attention, I'll save this in read later and edit this comment when I've read it.

This looks interesting.
-The Character

Tracking, thou has my attention.

Awesome so far.

I like the three way cross over. Please, keep going.

Hmm I'm intrigued now this looks like it has potential.

This looks interesting :pinkiehappy:

Tirek you no good G1 prick...

Faved and tracked. I grew up on G1 and I'm looking forward at seeing how this goes.

Tirek should listen to the witches. Using Sentinels against the ponies is like delicing himself with the most powerful nuclear weapon ever tested, the Czar Bomba. Sure, the Czar Bomba is effective against lice, but it vaporized Tirek and everything around him for tens of kilometers.

5649069 Well, G1 Tirek isn't quite the type who's good to reason, you know, like many 80s villains.

I figured it out now.^_^


Oh yeah, Megan is Celestia's past self.

5661205 Well, I've made it pretty obvious, yes. Yet then again, it is hard NOT to give it away. :raritywink:

Somehow, I keep hoping one of the ponies will get an adamantium skeleton. But still, this story is delightfully unique and somewhat insane.

I have to admit, I saw that coming.

Looking forward to the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

So far, this story is isomorphic with a predestination-paradox. They might all be doomed.

5709249 Yeah, I couldn't find a way to top the Charles-meets-Charles scene from the X-men movie sadly. But thanks, look out for more soon!

5709379 Final showdown's next. So you'll find out then. ;)


If she does not change things soon, the Sentinels will kill all of the ponies in PonyLand. These Sentinels are very persistent; they followed the souls of the ponies into another universe so that they can kill the ponies again.

Given that Equestria has 4 Alicorns, a Chaotic God, the Tree of Harmony, and the Elements of Harmony, but has lost over half its population, the Tree of Harmony, the Chaotic God, the Elements of Harmony, in less than a week, PonyLand, with only the Rainbow of Light probably will not last even a week. The Sentinels probably followed the RanbowBridge to the Planet of the Apes and killed all of the Megan-Like Apes in less than a week too, assuming that the Autobots were too busy fighting the Decepticons to open a new front against the Sentinels, thus leaving the Joes and Cobra (since Cobra cannot conquer a dead world where all of its members are dead too, I am certain that Cobra would form a temporary alliance with the Joes). If Twilight Sparkle fails, the Sentinels will kill all sentient sapient life on Equus. From arrival to nothing left to kill, only a fortnight for Equus.

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5711858 By the way, you forgot the mention about Mask and Venom. :rainbowlaugh:

5715880 That's cool, man. No worries. :raritywink:

5642142 Glad to hear there are still fans of G1 about. :twilightsmile:

5627989 Thanks. Hope you like it so far.

The Sentinels. Nobody knew where they originally came from… or how exactly they set foot on Equestrian ground. Perfected, proficient and invincible, these colossal man-made robots

Uh...if no one knew where they originally came from, how would they know the Sentinels were man-made?:twilightoops:

5724834 They don't know. But it's revealed to us readers that the Sentinels are man-made, and this is explained in Chapter Two.

Wind Whistler,Gusty,Fizzy, and North Star better be in this.

5732941 Sorry to break it, but Wind Whistler's dead. :applecry:

5621466 Hope you're enjoying it, then. :raritywink:

5624822 Thanks. Feel free to drop another comment anytime you wish. :)

5628181 Hope you feel it still lives up to it!

Well that was nice

I wonder what the ponies will do with the 2 witches. Given that Hydia is responsible for multiple acts of equicide, I imagine that the ponies will not treat her very nicely. I wonder whether the ponies have capital punishment.

It is great to see those useless robots deactivated for good. What would be nice is if the ponies found a way to throw them into a volcano to melt them.

5737244 :rainbowlaugh: Didn't quite consider that, but it's an amusing thought nonetheless.

5737659 That would require a lot of hard work and labor, considering the fact that there are thousands of them. :twilightblush:


If the ponies do not have a legal framework, I recommend against a deathpenalty because it is impossible to resurrect wrongfully executed ponies:

In the course of a decade, Texas executed the wrong Carlos —— they were both named Carlos and were both Mexicans, and as we all know, all Mexicans are guilty of something —— and a white guy —— ¡Oopsy! This stance is very hard in cases where we know that a particular pony is a terrible evil no-good murderer deserving a slow painful death, which is nothing compared to the terrible torture their victims suffered before death, but thus is life.

¿What should the punishment be for convicted murderers?:

The purpose of the penal system is reform and punishment. Since we cannot let out these dangerous murderers, reform is irrelevant. The appropriate punishment is death, but we do not kill for fear of killing the wrong pony; so now, we should use virtual death:

Put the convicted pony alone in a small pitchblack cell with nothing but a toilet and bed. Feed the convicted criminal daily. Since death is nothingness and the convicted experiences nothingness, the convicted might as well be dead. If it turns out that it was all a big mistake, we can resurrect the pony by freeing and then compensate (1 million bits for the wrongful conviction plus 1 million bits for every year in prison):

A teenaged pony is convicted of killing a classmate, half a century late, we discover that a parent murdered the student and framed the convicted pony. We release the wrongfully convicted pony with 51 million bits (1 million bits for the wrongful conviction and 1 million bits for every year of incarceration). The exonerated pony has less than a decade to live, but with 51 million bits manages to squeeze half a century of living into less than a decade by hiring a score (20) prostitutes and continuously scoring with the score of prostitutes until death, less than a decade later.

Notice that if the pony would truly be guilty, the pony would remain virtually dead until the true nothingness of the grave. Basically, we have Reversible Capital Punishment™.

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